Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I'm the kind of girl who...
...loves huge coffee cups.
...likes the smell of rain.
...thinks that cold weather is best spent reading under a blanket.
...still wears her hair in pig tails.
...isn't afraid to laugh loudly.
...cries during sad and happy movies.
...dances when she cleans.
...can always find the bright side.
...would rather do it herself than ask for help.
...mops the floor twice, just to be sure it's clean.
...eats sprouts and avocados on a sandwich.
...is afraid to go outside after watching a scary show on TV.
...puts things in alphabetical order for no reason.
...loves the view when she is driving.
...doesn't think file sharing is bad.
...buys funky looking thumb tacks.
...has dolphins on her plates and shower curtain.
...never goes outside at night without looking at the stars.
...thinks purple wild flowers are far prettier than roses.
...pulls over to take a picture of the sunrise.
...will blow off cleaning to watch a movie with her daughters.
...owns a hundred pairs of shoes, but only wears three.
...peels the skin off of red grapes.
...loves Disney movies.
...stands in the rain.
...will get so hooked on a book that she blows everything else off for days.
...loves sweaters.
...gets strange cravings for health food.
...thinks someone who stimulates her mind is sexy.
...doesn't like being cold.
...swims underwater with her eyes open.
...prefers V8 to soda.
...lets her imagination run away with her.
...hardly ever wears makeup.
...makes up her bed.
...lays in the grass.
...pulls over on the side of the highway to pick flowers.
...puts those flowers in old pickle jars when she gets home.
...thinks that the best place on earth is standing next to the ocean.
...speaks her mind.
...balances her check book several times a week.
...eats ice cream for breakfast and cereal for dinner.
...goes to the store for milk in pajama pants, a t-shirt, and fluffy house shoes.
...believes you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
...bites her nails.
...believes in playing what she is dealt and not crying about it.
...thinks when you feel bad, you should write it out.
...believes in true friendship.
...you can trust.
...thinks the cake mix from the box is just as good as making it from scratch.
...knows blackberry merlot and good conversation are the makings to an awesome Friday night.
...tries to make decisions she can be proud of later.
...eats all the chocolate off the outside of a butterfinger.
...could kick your ass at Tetris.
...wants to hold your baby, even if I just met you.
...always has a pen.
...has no idea how to use a sewing machine.
...is always on time or early.
...isn't afraid to pee on the side of the road when she really has to go.
...needs a map to get anywhere.
...hates calling in sick.
...thinks popcorn is a meal.
...will go to the ice cream store for lunch.
...will rewind Pirates of the Caribbean several times to watch Johnny Depp smile over his shoulder again.
...cleans to aleviate anger.
...is considered "quick witted".
...shares everything with her friends.
...keeps eye contact while having a conversation.
...can describe every detail when recounting a story.
...has eyes bigger than her stomach.
...doesn't wear jewelry.
...wants to be the best mother anyone could ever hope for.
...gets her feelings hurt easily.

...doesn't like to cry in front of anyone.
...turns into a child at Sea World.
...can't keep plants alive.
...believes every one deserves a chance.
...types on all the wrong keys - but fast.
...will figure out how to do it, even if it takes all day.

Ok, so, you are all tagged. If you read this, make a list of your own and tell me in the comments so I can come look at it! It doesn't have to be this long but I want to know what kind of girl/guy you are.

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