Monday, July 18, 2005
conversation with a stranger
I was sitting at my desk when he walked up and stood in my doorway. I didn't look up but rather assumed it was my co-worker and said I was almost through and to please give me three more minutes. He laughed and I jumped. The laughing, had there been any, should have been female. I looked up then and saw him. He was tall, at least six three, and wearing faded jeans and a dark green shirt. These eyes, these dark green eyes, looked back at me. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know who he was. He smiled and walked completely into my office and sat down in front of me. I had never seen anyone who looked quite like him, who radiated that kind of handsomeness and laughter in the same breath. To say hello seemed silly and so I apologized for my comment and tried not to stare quite so obviously. He laughed again, in that good natured kind of way that made you feel like he had actually found the humor in this, as he did in everything. This made him all the more attractive. It made me want to get my camera out and take his picture, but that seemed silly so I sat back then and smiled. If anyone can regain their composure quickly, it is me. Although, I was sure he knew already that he could easily intimidate me. He was acting as though he had sat in that chair, in my office, laughing and charming so many times before when in fact this was the first time I had ever seen him. I asked him what I could do for him (assuming he was a lost customer) and he leaned forward. I watched him sit up and slowly extend his arm towards me. I, too, leaned forward and shook it as he was silently requesting.
My name is Jason.
Well, hi Jason... my name is Ka-
Kate. Yes, I know.

Then he sat back in his chair, my chair, and this time propped his cheek on his fisted hand and just looked at me. Not like he was waiting for anything, not like he was even wanting anything other than just to look at me. He was looking at me as though he appreciated the opportunity to do so. And it was making me nervous because I couldn't figure out why he was there. Why he was looking at me. Was he a customer? Had I been emailing him? Was I expecting someone this afternoon? I glanced down at my calendar and shifted a paper over off of todays date, but nothing was scheduled. I didn't think there would be, I hadn't set any appointments because I had reports to finish. Which is what I should have been doing right then. While he looked at me. I couldn't just sit there in this silence. I would go mad, surely.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but do I know you?
Not yet. Not now. But you will. I would like to buy you dinner. When are you free?

I laughed. Of course I laughed. This is ridiculous. Am I asleep? Some guy, some mysterious man, is sitting in my office like he's been there before offering to buy me dinner and looking at me like he knows me. And he is gorgeous with his golden brown hair, curly, a little long and just ever so slightly mussed and his tanned cheek resting on his hand and that look, that carefree and happy look. His eyes, with that sparkle. Who is this man? He has to be a customer! Has to be. No one else knows I am here, I don't talk to anyone else... Me, being rational, I had to ask... again.
So, let me get this straight. I don't know you, I've never seen you, and you just walk into my office and sit down and ask me to dinner. How did you even get here?
He sat up some in his seat and propped his elbows on the arms of his chair and laced his fingers together in the middle. He looked.. he looked... cocky. Maybe that is too harsh a word. He looked self-assured, confident. Then he smiled. A smile that started on one side of his mouth and then worked it's way over to the other side and made my stomach muscles wake up.
It doesn't matter, Kate. What matters is that I am sitting here in front of you right now asking for some of your time. Some time to get to know you better, to make you smile. And you are curious. I know you are. You want to know who I am. I want to tell you, so have dinner with me.
He held my eyes for a moment more and then stood up and leaned down, putting both hands on my desk. I looked at his hands and then made my way up his arms, his very nice arms, to his face. He smelled good, like coffee and new clothes with just a hint of cologne. He smiled again.
I understand that you are hesitant now to accept. But you'll change your mind and when you do, you can call me.
He picked up the pen I had been using and wrote down his number on my desk calendar, right next to the reminder that I needed take my girls to their dentist appointment on the twentieth, day after tomorrow. The number was upside down which made me smile.
You're awful sure of yourself, mister... I'm sorry, your last name was? (It was my last attempt to get something on him. I know a big chunk of you "bloodhound" girls out there who could have had me any and all dirt on this mystery dude in like ten minutes.)
Cute, Kate. You'll find out soon enough.

He handed me back my pen and held my hand a moment, making my stomach muscles tense up. Then he turned and walked to the door. He stopped and looked at me again.
I'll talk to you soon.
Then he winked and walked out. That sexy ass wink that guys do in movies and you rewind because you want to watch it one more time.

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