Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Pretending to be domesticated...
So, my brother is insisting that we buy new cookware and dinnerware and bakeware and silverware.
That's a helluva lot of "wares"...
But I'm all "sure, I'll take care of it..." thinking hey, it's shopping, it's bound to be fun!
I looked around online for a few hours and then I called my brother and I was all, "uhm, so I was thinking we don't really need new pots and pans and dishes and shit. The ones we have are fine."
And he is all, "Kate, get new stuff. Your stuff is old. And shitty. And you can afford new stuff so get new stuff. Did I mention shitty?"
And I was all, "No, I don't want to."
Then there ensued a conversation about how most of my current cookware was given to me when I was broke and moving into a house and had no stuff. And so it was second hand cookware that had "seen better days" and doesn't match and is falling apart and WHY IN THE HELL WON'T YOU JUST BUY NEW SHIT KATE?
I skulked off and pouted about it for awhile and then admitted to my brother that I don't know my ass from good cookware or bakeware. Or hasn't he noticed in the last almost year that we have been living together that I hardly ever cook? And when I do it's because it's either A) Microwavable, B) From Freezer to Oven, or C) Pasta and Chicken.
ps. I make awesome pasta.
Given that little morsel of knowledge, wouldn't one assume that I am not the best person to make major purchases for kitchen? Unless it's a coffeemaker because I rock at buying those. Mostly because I have a tendency to break things and after you've broken like nine carafes, you are a coffeemaker buying goddess.
My brother told me to handle it and then refused to listen to me bitch about it anymore.
So I did what any smart chic would do, I called The Cake Lady. And we had a lengthy discussion about cookware and bakeware and she is all excited and I am trying to stay awake AND retain all of the knowledge she is giving me about various types of cooking apparatuses.
ps. this did not happen
I'm all, "I should just buy whatever it is that YOU have, your stuff looks good." And then she is all, "Well, you should see what different sets are out there because the set I have may not be the set that you will use." And I was all, "YOU MEAN THAT THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF SETS?"
And then I cried.

So I've put the whole bakeware and cookware and silverware thing on hold but decided this morning to peruse some of the dinnerware. Usually when I do this, I can look at dishes for all of like thirty minutes and then my brain starts screaming at me: Stop it Kate! Stop it right now or I am leaving!!! And I am fairly certain my brain has bailed out before, so I take these threats seriously.
But this morning, on, I actually found a few sets that I like. Even though I think that they are ridiculously expensive.
Check it out people. Which one would you pick?

ps. I pretty much can't stand the coffee cups on all of them. But that's because I like HUGE coffee cups. And I guess I could find HUGE coffee cups that matched one or both of the colors on the plates and use those instead.
Like anyone actually uses coffee cups with the dinner dishes anyway.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Your Horoscope for JANUARY 29, 2008
What are you afraid of Kate? You are afraid of something in your contact with other people. It's as if an invisible piece of rope was tied around your waist in order to hold you back from getting closer to people, or worse, it makes you step back! What is this all about Kate? You're going through a period that is closely linked to your past. A failed relationship is still haunting you and is casting its shadow on the current one. Get rid of those skeletons in your closet!

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Monday, January 28, 2008
because all of my energy was used this weekend...

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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Did I mention I loved that word?
I so love that word.
When I write it, I totally say it in my head with a Brittish accent. And I am bad at accents so be glad you aren't all in my head :)

Anyway, I am plum wore out and not even done!
How did I forget how much this sucks? Some how I forgot that moving is right up there with hang nails and having a stye in your eye. It isn't even remotely fun and it seems to take forever!
Ill check in tomorrow & update you on whether we managed to move the entire country that was living in my old house to the new one or not.

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First truck load is gone!
Plus my mood has improved greatly since I changed my cd from Blue October to Cake.
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Just found...
I just found a piece of paper in the turmoil that is my bedroom that says:
"we don't have a turkey picture. Please send again, thanks!"

It's in my handwriting.
I have no idea what it is.

Ps. Moving sucks ass.
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Friday, January 25, 2008
Missing her...


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Then the fun part is over...
So I'm thinking that the fun part about being able to move is the whole picking out a house, making offers on a house, having the seller agree to the offers, imagining how the house will look with all of your stuff in it, how happy your family will be once you move in, having barbeques with all your friends, etc.
The NOT fun part is the day before you move when you are no where near being completely packed, it's raining and cold as fuck out side and all you really want to do is sleep because you stayed out waaaaaay too late the night before.
Also, I have no idea when I will have internet at home since Sprint is jacking me around so if I seem to be missing in action it's just because I refuse to go back to dial-up.
You know, once you've waited and finally gotten DSL, the idea of dial-up makes you want to poke your eyeballs out with q-tips.
And my q-tips are already packed.
So I am trying to get a wireless card through Sprint. I wouldn't typically think that this would be difficult since I have an account and money and they have the card and provide coverage at my new house. Seems to me an arrangement could be made between the two of us. However the chic I spoke to yesterday who I am sure was in fucking Honduras just couldn't seem to handle it and so she said she would give me a call back in an hour and a half. That was 34 hours ago.

On the plus side, I get to reset my counter.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008
He told me my hair smelled good today and that my freckles are cute.

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Can't concentrate...
As most of you know this Saturday will be the 26th of January. Three years ago on January 26th I lost my best friend, my soul sister. There was a tragic accident that stole her life so very prematurely and really and truly broke my heart for the very first time.
Most of the time, I can deal with this.
I can look at her beautiful pictures and remember fondly the times we spent together and ward off the anger and sadness and resentfulness that she was taken from me before I was ready. I can take it as it is and just miss her.
God how I miss her.
But today is the day that I close on my new house. Today is one of the biggest days ever for me. And not just because buying a house is "the single most important purchase you will make in your lifetime" or whatever but because of what this step actually means to me.
One thousand, six hundred and twenty nine days ago I was alone. I had no money, no job, three kids and no fucking idea what I was going to do. I was lucky that I was offered a job within days and that Tempest leant me $600 bucks otherwise I honestly don't know what I would have done. And the whole time I had Veronique by my side. She helped me pack my house and move all of my stuff into my new house. She helped me put it all away and then was consistantly there for me until she was gone. I mean the girl drove all the way down from Dallas so she wouldn't miss my daughters' first day of school. And then The Universe just took her away.
And now, whenever I accomplish something or something huge happens in my life I get so mad that i can't have her here to not only see it but also to experience it with me. I resent it so much and there isn't anyone to resent. I want her to be on the other side of one thousand, six hundred and twenty nine days with me.
Today I am going to buy my first house and I am so happy about it but if I could just have her here with me it would feel complete.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
On spending the evening in the company of a cute single boy...
Remember new cute boy? We try not to confuse him with the original cute boy... which could probably be helped by giving them names but you just can't force name giving. It has to come to you.

Cute boy transferred here like two days before I broke my foot. As you can imagine, breaking my foot really threw a wrench into my ability to bond with new cute boy. Which sucked as we seemed to get along and were just getting to that "get to know you" place. But then I broke my foot and spent the better part of the next six weeks sequestered in my office and on the rare occasion that I was able to come out, I was the pathetic girl on crutches.
Note to self: Do not break your foot again!!!

Anyway, new cute boy started to date some chic he met anyway and as he was a self professed long term relationship dude, I figured they'd be dating for awhile. However, in the meantime we've become friendly. In the weeks following my unfettering from the crutches, we've been chatting and I usually spend the last hour or so on Friday afternoons sitting in his office just talking.

And he's cool people. We dig him. While he is two years younger than me, he's done a lot of living as most of you know I have. (And if you don't know, there are a slew of History Lessons in the sidebar somewhere that will get you all caught up on my crazy life.)

So anyway, over the last week or so we've been talking a lot and had talked about hooking up outside of work to hang out since we seem to get along so swimmingly. Oh yeah, just totally used "swimmingly". Oh you know you're jealous.

So then, he comes into work on Monday and I am telling him about how Noah has a date with some chic and how funny is that since we were just talking about him on Friday and I was telling him I was worried about Noah not having any kind of social life. So he is asking me where the two of them are going on their date and how they met, etc. and I'm telling him everything I know, which isn't much and asks me to keep him updated. Which I thought was a little different.

So then I tell him that I almost called him Saturday night to see if he and hid girlfriend wanted to join Fairy and I to see 27 Dresses. And then he tells me that he and his girl split up over the weekend. I of course am all "I'm so sorry new cute boy, I thought everything was going well" and he doesn't seem too bummed about it... saying it was mutual and I don't push for more details.
And then do you know what I did people?

I am still spending a fair amount of time pondering the decision to blurt out that next brilliant idea.

I say to him, "Oh my god, you should totally go out with Fairy!" (Who he met at the Christmas party.) And then I think why did I say that? I assume it is because my brain is acting faster than... well other parts of my anatomy. He says something like, "oh, well yeah, ok..." and then says that the three of us should go out together and do something.. so that he can see if he digs her or not and because it will be fun. Like going to see 27 Dresses. I'm all, you don't want to watch 27 Dresses, it's totally gonna be a chic flick. And he says he digs chic flicks what with having had three sisters growing up. So I tell him that maybe we can go this weekend if I am not knackered after having packed and moved all my shit from one dwelling to the other (likelihood that i won't be too knackered: 6.3%). I like the word "knackered".

Then he says something unexpected, "Hey Kate, I'm off on Sunday, I can come help you move." I'm all you don't want to come help me move Silly Boy. It's your only day off and in case no one has told you, moving sucks a fair amount of ass. But he is all persistent saying that he would be happy too, "plus Kate, I have a truck!" So I tell him that if I am not all moved by Sunday I'll give him a call. And then I tell him that I talked to Noah and he is talking about taking the chic bowling (since he had asked me to let him know what happened) and he is all, "we should totally go bowling! That would be so fun!" And I said another one of those things that makes me wonder if someone should take a peak at the inside of my head and make sure it's all functioning properly. I say I don't know if Fairy likes bowling but I should ask her... Like I just keep forcing Fairy on him.

And maybe he wants me to since I've mentioned it or maybe he wants us to hang out and every time we talk about it I am Fairy this and Fairy that. Because I'm an idiot of substantial proportions.

Like I have any fucking idea how to do this anymore anyway. It's been FIFTEEN MONTHS since I've done the deed people. Fifteen months! We should all just be happy I don't get into a room with a boy, fart loudly and giggle.

Anyway, we chat through out the rest of the day and it is becoming clearer and clearer that he'd like to hang out. But what isn't clear is whether he wants to just hang out as friends or if he is considering more than that. He is flirting but geez, who doesn't do that any more? It's almost like a cultural thing.

Let's skip forward to later in the day. He left work at two for the day and I tried to concentrate on things that were not about boys which was easier since Original Cute boy and New Cute boy were both gone. But then at four he comes back. I wanted to ask him why he was there but he and I were both busy until I left. So I shot him a text message saying I thought you were free for the rest of the afternoon? He sends one back saying that he was and I text him back and say something sarcastically about how I personally love to spend my free time at work too. Then he writes back the very blunt "So what are you doing tonight?" and I respond with something about the usual: dinner, kids, baths, bedtime, packing and he says "Do you need any help?" to which I tell him I'd sooner be hung by my toenails and have every hair on my body pulled out with molten tweezers and then be put in a tub of scorpians than have someone see my house in it's current state but I appreciate the offer and how about we just try to keep our plans to try and do something this weekend? So he texts back with, "Sure. Give me a call if you change your mind."

And I'm all... whhaaaattt is that?

I'm texting poor Snow Elf with "call me, call me, call me, call me right now. I don't care if you are at work goddamnit! I need your unbiased opinion, help me. Help! Call. CALL." Ok some of that was internal but she knew it was implied. Didn't you Snow?

Then I think, what was that sound? Sure sounded like the little *click* of my mind changing.. I start working the brother angle to see if he would be cool with me bailing which he seemed to be cool with.

I send new cute boy a text and say "Are you still at work?" and he writes immediately back and says "I'm about to leave" and before I can even respond, he writes again, "I just left" so I text him and ask him if he's ever seen The Count of Monte Cristo. [An aside: I'm always shocked by how many people haven't seen that movie! Geez people, watch it. It's so good.] Anyway he writes back and says he hasn't and I take a super deep breath and write back "well how about I bring it over and we can watch it?" And he says sure and then I changed my clothes four times.

Fortunately Snow got off work and we were able to talk while I was on my way to his house. I shared with her the whole entire above story and asked her what the hell she thought was going on and her honest opinion: Stop trying to set him up with Fairy! We talked for awhile and I told Snow that my main thing is that I really like original cute boy and I don't want to screw up the chance (if there ever is one and I can't promise there will be) by making him think that I'm all like Other Girl at Work who sleeps with half the freakin' company. But at the same time Original Cute boy has been talking to me a little lately and cracking jokes and so I am wondering if maybe he is starting to consider it. Of course the opposite would be that he thinks I'm done trying and just wants to be pals. But what do I know? Remember? Fifteen Months.

I get there at about seven and his apartment is exactly what you would expect of a single dude. It's a one bedroom with a loft upstairs that has a poker table and a wet bar. Downstairs the small living room has a phenomenally comfortable leather couch and a ratty arm chair placed in front of the fifty some odd inch tv with the x-box 360 hooked up. Very tidy. In the "dining area" is a huge shelf of dvds and the kitchen was small and clean which was far less surprising once he showed me he didn't have a spec of food in the whole apartment. His bathroom had bare essentials: shampoo, razor, soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, hair gel. I didn't peak in the cabinets. But remember Snakeman? Snakeman knew I was coming over and made it a point to guy-clean his bathroom... you know, wipe the counters, make sure that there was a new roll of toilet paper on the roll, put the seat down. Now maybe new cute boy did a guy clean of everything and forgot the bathroom but me with my mommy glasses on was all thinking I wanted to tidy. Which I refrained from :)

I can hear ya'll all "get to the effing point already Kate!"

The short of it is, we watched the movie but paused it like four times to talk and one of those times for over an hour. And since I am a chic and one who is paying attention to little tiny details because that's just how I roll, I was watching to see if he was gonna make a move or do something obvious to insinuate that he might want to. We both sat on the couch and there was some playful touchy stuff but nothing that crossed any line. At one point I pulled the neck of my shirt down a little to scratch my shoulder and I very clearly saw him looking at the teeny bit of skin I had shown but that was pretty much it. I didn't pick up on any signs that he was trying to make a move and wasn't sure how to but then again, what does that even look like anymore?
All in all, I had a good time but stayed up WAY too late. I got home around midnight and passed smooth out. He came in this morning and said he had a great time and wants to know when we are going to do it again. And he reoffered to come over on Sunday for moving if I needed him.

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Friday, January 18, 2008
Reason I'm smiling this morning...
No, Ihaven't been drinking already!
My brother is making a delivery in Fredericksburg this morning... which happens to be home to the vineyard and winery that makes my most favorite wine (above). The same wine that I can't seem to find anywhere.
And so, I called Bell Mountain Vineyard at 7:22 this morning hoping to get a recording that would let me know whether or not they would be open when he headed over there and not only did the awesome woman who runs the place, Evelyn, answer the phone but she was super nice. She took my order over the phone so he wouldn't have to come back and get my credit card and said that my wine would be ready for pick up when he came by.
So it looks like I will be able to celebrate moving into my new house with my favorite wine :)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
pillow talk
Triniti and are laying in bed at about 7:30a and I say to her...

"Triniti, do you know what today is?"

She thinks to herself for a minute before saying, "It's Saturaday..."

"That's right... I love Saturdays... we don't have to get up until the sun is up... do you love Saturdays?"

"You know what day I love Mamma?"

"What day?"

"Shopping-Day. Can we go to the toy store today? And we can get me a new princess. Then we can both love Saturday!"

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
I must have been adopted...
My family is a constant reminder to me of why I prefer being single and why I crave so often to live alone. It's the way we as a family were raised. There is always so much fighting which I guess comes with any family but man my family is so fucking ugly about it. They don't want to discuss or argue out a specific instance and just leave it at that, they instead want to bring up anything and everything hurtful that they can think of until they have found some way to feel like they've won.
I can't remember in my relationships if I fought that way or not but I KNOW I don't do it anymore. I make it a point to not live that way, not act that way, not project that way. I make it a point to focus on the facts and what is actually going on and not bring up all of this crap that happened before. I mean what the hell is the point of even having that kind of argument?? You certainly aren't accomplishing anything. You're just being mean.
And it is EXACTLY what I don't want to do to my girls.
It is EXACTLY what I want to keep them from doing to the people in their lives.
I am so unbelievably careful about what I argue with people about and when I do, it's just to stop something from happening (or start something, whichever the case may be). I very rarely will lose my temper but when I do, I make it a point to stay on topic.
And my family? They make it a point to get off topic in any direction necessary to feel like they've won.
I just don't understand it.
And I don't understand how I am from a family like that.
Or why my family doesn't change their unhealthy behavior.
Why would you want to be like that?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Dear Brittany Spears,
I have been watching you with interest since your first marriage/annulment back in... I think '03 or '04. I was never really a fan of your music, not because I thought it was bad but because I was out of my "pop" phase by the time you hit it big. It's nothing personal, I was just more brooding and rocker-girl at the time. Anyway, I found you to be intriguing because you were so young and so famous and so everywhere. When I saw a news story on you, I always paid attention to see what was going on in your life.
Then you got pregnant and I thought to myself, wow, it's going to be interesting to see what kind of mother Brittany becomes... And so I started paying more and more attention to see how you were handling it. And quite honestly, I was surprised to see that you remained in the limelight at all. I thought once you had your beautiful son that you would have sort of faded away. I guess I thought that because that is what I would have done. I would have bought a big 'ol chunk of property and secluded myself with my family and enjoyed all the stability I could provide them. I also would have left Kevin in effing California to play golf every morning and record his ridiculous record. Alone.
But unlike other mothers, you apparently were able to have the kind of parenting responsibilities that allowed you to skip that part of the bonding process that causes you to feel like you need to be the one taking care of your kids. I don't think you actually felt like you were the best person. I honestly believe that is what makes a mother, at her core - believing that they are the only person in the world who could care for their kids the way they need to be cared for.
It's sad to me that you have the kind of lifestyle that prevented you from having that. It's sad to me that you have that kind of love for your work and not your kids. And it's also sad to me that this is probably not completely your fault.
Money seeking people are fucked up and since you are surrounded by people who want to have more of your money, they aren't giving you the best advice. Which is why I am writing you this letter today.
I feel thoroughly and genuinely terrible for you. I think that you haven't been given direction and that you have repeatedly been given bad advice. And as a person who is not making any money off of you, I would like to tell you this: Buy a nice home somewhere far away from where you are now, make it a home for your boys and get rid of all of the people in your life who are influencing these decisions. Get a therapist and then start doing all of the stuff normal people do on their own on your own and put your music career on hold long enough to get a hold of your personal life. Be a mom.
There are probably thousands of mothers out there who would listen to you, help you and be there for you. Thousands of people who aren't going to be blinded by your stardom. Find those people and find yourself.
Very sincerely,

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Monday, January 14, 2008
The only reason I would take up exercising is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
I know, I've barely been posting but I am ridiculously busy both professionally, parentally and personally. Yup, I've got all of the P's covered.
As I mentioned in the doggy post, I am moving. (*knock on wood!*) We are set to close on the house on the 21st and move in that weekend. On account of that, I have been packing like a mo-fo. So my month has went kinda like this:
December 29th - January 2nd -- packing
January 3rd & 4th -- work
January 5th & 6th -- packing
January 7th - 11th -- start working with new construction boss, become hella-busy
January 12th - 13th -- packing

Here is how the rest of my month will play out:
January 14th - 18th -- work, includes taking Em to work on the 14th for doctor's apointment, taking Trin to therapy on the 15th and having a construction meeting with the regional VP on the 18th with a training session afterwards hosted by moi for new construction assistant.
January 19th - 20th -- PACKING
January 21st - January 25th -- work, includes closing on house on the 21st, parent teacher conferences for all three girls, begin moving boxes into new house, changing all of my utilites over and ending with our company Quarterly Meeting on Friday
January 26th - January 27th -- OFFICIAL MOVE IN WEEKEND, you know, where you put all of your furniture together and start sticking your shit into cabinets, the official unpacking will happen the following weekend.

All of this is going on while potty training our new puppy, Tucker. He is hella cute and does all the typical annoying puppy stuff. His favorite things: chewing on shit he isn't supposed to, eating his food and water bowls when they are empty, pooping in my room, giving me puppy eyes whenever I catch him, pushing Chica towards suicide, finding puddles to roll around in, being super adorable. We dig him.

Hey, did I mention that I AM BUYING A HOUSE?
(*knock on wood*)

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Thursday, January 10, 2008
While checking the answering machine yesterday...
"Tucker? Tucker are you barking? I said no barking. No barking. You be a good puppy boy Tucker. And Chica puppy girl? I know you are such a good girl. Chica's a good puppy girl. No barking. Be good puppies and no barking."

Noah mysteriously vanished from the house while I was listening to this message.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Noah on racing...
"Kate, I don't want to watch some dumb dog run around a track, I want to see a horse with a dude on it, not some dog chasing a fake rabbit because he's hungry."

"I can't believe they even think those fake rabbits are real..."

"I can't believe they think that the rabbit can balance on that pole..."

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Ten pics meme
1. Age next b-day

2. Place I'd like to travel

3. Favorite object

4. Favorite food

5. Favorite animal

6. Favorite color

7. First job

8. College major

9. Bad habit

10. My first name


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
106 days until The Beach Trip
Just a little reminder for those of you who are considering or have already decided to attend Beach Trip 2008 -- only 106 days to go!
I know, it sounds like a long time but thats a little more than three months! It will FLY by!
If you haven't gotten with me to get the hotel info, shoot me an email and I will send it to you. You can reserve the room and cancel right up to 72 hours prior to the trip if something comes up :)
So far it is me and my family, The Cake Lady and her family and Snow and her family! And add to that the possibility of Fairy and her son, Snakeman and my brother -- It will be so fun! Don't have plans? Feel like hanging at the beach? COME WITH US! Seriously!

I got an email from The Girl this morning asking about the dates for Beach Trip 2009. Based on the dates that she gave me, we would be scheduling that trip for April 9th through April 12th to accomodate their school schedule. So if you can't come this year, there is always 2009! (*cough* *cough* Lola, Liz! *cough*)


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Saturday, January 05, 2008
So how did I come upon a puppy?
So, day before yesterday I made this comment on Pioneer Woman:
Charlie is so effin cute! Between you and dooce getting new puppies and my brother begging me to get an Australian shepherd, my mommy defenses are breaking down

And then yesterday I get a call at work from Fairy (who works at a veterinarian office, in case I haven't mentioned that in a while) and she says that someone had just called her and told her that they had found a little German Shepperd puppy and didn't know what to do with it. And aren't you always saying that the only way you will get another dog is if it is a German Shepperd Kate?
Well yeah, I have been known to mention on occasion that I want one.
So, we have this adorable little baby for the weekend to see how it goes... to see if the ever stoic and regal Madam Chicita Puppy and the new nameless cutie pie can become friends.
Chica is in the other room right now muttering profanities under her breath and in her most proper of proper voices saying, "Who do those humans think they are? Bringing that oaf of a dog into my house? Twits!"
She has yet to be nice to the cutie pie which is weird because she is always nice to all the cats that show up here. Maybe she is a cat trapped in a dog's body.
Anyway, we have today and tomorrow to see if we are up for training another dog, surviving crying nights and frequent pee trips outside, not to mention the insane amount of exercise a large breed like a GS will need as well as making two very different dogs become the best of friends.
But at least the largest issue, the issue of having a yard for such a large dog, appears to no longer be an issue. See, the thing is, I am under contract to buy a house right now. Closing date is set for January 21st and the only thing left to do is have it appraised. So if we do keep the little puppy, he'll have plenty of room to run around on my half an acre lot or to snuggle up in any of the four bedrooms or two bathrooms that he so chooses :)


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Friday, January 04, 2008
Look who stumbled into my life today...

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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Too much Disney princesses.
"Mommy, I love you and I love uncle Doh-Doh..... I think you two should get married."

"Uh Trin, it doesn't work that way."

"Oh... Is it because he's a prince and your a commoner?"

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I was on the phone with my mother yesterday after leaving the pediatrician with Emo (another post) and my other line was beeping repeatedly.
I knew it was Amanda calling me from home for the millionth time and when I finally hung up with my mom and called her back, this conversation ensued:

"Amanda, I thought I told you that unless there was an emergency to only call me once and I will call you back as soon as I can..."

"Mommy, it was an emergency. Fairy called and asked me to move her clothes from the washer to the dryer [because Fairy doesn't have a washer and dryer right now and does her laundry at my house] and I had to touch two of her thongs!"

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
It has been...
One year since I've smoked a cigarette!!

Happy 2008 everyone :)

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