Wednesday, January 23, 2008
On spending the evening in the company of a cute single boy...
Remember new cute boy? We try not to confuse him with the original cute boy... which could probably be helped by giving them names but you just can't force name giving. It has to come to you.

Cute boy transferred here like two days before I broke my foot. As you can imagine, breaking my foot really threw a wrench into my ability to bond with new cute boy. Which sucked as we seemed to get along and were just getting to that "get to know you" place. But then I broke my foot and spent the better part of the next six weeks sequestered in my office and on the rare occasion that I was able to come out, I was the pathetic girl on crutches.
Note to self: Do not break your foot again!!!

Anyway, new cute boy started to date some chic he met anyway and as he was a self professed long term relationship dude, I figured they'd be dating for awhile. However, in the meantime we've become friendly. In the weeks following my unfettering from the crutches, we've been chatting and I usually spend the last hour or so on Friday afternoons sitting in his office just talking.

And he's cool people. We dig him. While he is two years younger than me, he's done a lot of living as most of you know I have. (And if you don't know, there are a slew of History Lessons in the sidebar somewhere that will get you all caught up on my crazy life.)

So anyway, over the last week or so we've been talking a lot and had talked about hooking up outside of work to hang out since we seem to get along so swimmingly. Oh yeah, just totally used "swimmingly". Oh you know you're jealous.

So then, he comes into work on Monday and I am telling him about how Noah has a date with some chic and how funny is that since we were just talking about him on Friday and I was telling him I was worried about Noah not having any kind of social life. So he is asking me where the two of them are going on their date and how they met, etc. and I'm telling him everything I know, which isn't much and asks me to keep him updated. Which I thought was a little different.

So then I tell him that I almost called him Saturday night to see if he and hid girlfriend wanted to join Fairy and I to see 27 Dresses. And then he tells me that he and his girl split up over the weekend. I of course am all "I'm so sorry new cute boy, I thought everything was going well" and he doesn't seem too bummed about it... saying it was mutual and I don't push for more details.
And then do you know what I did people?

I am still spending a fair amount of time pondering the decision to blurt out that next brilliant idea.

I say to him, "Oh my god, you should totally go out with Fairy!" (Who he met at the Christmas party.) And then I think why did I say that? I assume it is because my brain is acting faster than... well other parts of my anatomy. He says something like, "oh, well yeah, ok..." and then says that the three of us should go out together and do something.. so that he can see if he digs her or not and because it will be fun. Like going to see 27 Dresses. I'm all, you don't want to watch 27 Dresses, it's totally gonna be a chic flick. And he says he digs chic flicks what with having had three sisters growing up. So I tell him that maybe we can go this weekend if I am not knackered after having packed and moved all my shit from one dwelling to the other (likelihood that i won't be too knackered: 6.3%). I like the word "knackered".

Then he says something unexpected, "Hey Kate, I'm off on Sunday, I can come help you move." I'm all you don't want to come help me move Silly Boy. It's your only day off and in case no one has told you, moving sucks a fair amount of ass. But he is all persistent saying that he would be happy too, "plus Kate, I have a truck!" So I tell him that if I am not all moved by Sunday I'll give him a call. And then I tell him that I talked to Noah and he is talking about taking the chic bowling (since he had asked me to let him know what happened) and he is all, "we should totally go bowling! That would be so fun!" And I said another one of those things that makes me wonder if someone should take a peak at the inside of my head and make sure it's all functioning properly. I say I don't know if Fairy likes bowling but I should ask her... Like I just keep forcing Fairy on him.

And maybe he wants me to since I've mentioned it or maybe he wants us to hang out and every time we talk about it I am Fairy this and Fairy that. Because I'm an idiot of substantial proportions.

Like I have any fucking idea how to do this anymore anyway. It's been FIFTEEN MONTHS since I've done the deed people. Fifteen months! We should all just be happy I don't get into a room with a boy, fart loudly and giggle.

Anyway, we chat through out the rest of the day and it is becoming clearer and clearer that he'd like to hang out. But what isn't clear is whether he wants to just hang out as friends or if he is considering more than that. He is flirting but geez, who doesn't do that any more? It's almost like a cultural thing.

Let's skip forward to later in the day. He left work at two for the day and I tried to concentrate on things that were not about boys which was easier since Original Cute boy and New Cute boy were both gone. But then at four he comes back. I wanted to ask him why he was there but he and I were both busy until I left. So I shot him a text message saying I thought you were free for the rest of the afternoon? He sends one back saying that he was and I text him back and say something sarcastically about how I personally love to spend my free time at work too. Then he writes back the very blunt "So what are you doing tonight?" and I respond with something about the usual: dinner, kids, baths, bedtime, packing and he says "Do you need any help?" to which I tell him I'd sooner be hung by my toenails and have every hair on my body pulled out with molten tweezers and then be put in a tub of scorpians than have someone see my house in it's current state but I appreciate the offer and how about we just try to keep our plans to try and do something this weekend? So he texts back with, "Sure. Give me a call if you change your mind."

And I'm all... whhaaaattt is that?

I'm texting poor Snow Elf with "call me, call me, call me, call me right now. I don't care if you are at work goddamnit! I need your unbiased opinion, help me. Help! Call. CALL." Ok some of that was internal but she knew it was implied. Didn't you Snow?

Then I think, what was that sound? Sure sounded like the little *click* of my mind changing.. I start working the brother angle to see if he would be cool with me bailing which he seemed to be cool with.

I send new cute boy a text and say "Are you still at work?" and he writes immediately back and says "I'm about to leave" and before I can even respond, he writes again, "I just left" so I text him and ask him if he's ever seen The Count of Monte Cristo. [An aside: I'm always shocked by how many people haven't seen that movie! Geez people, watch it. It's so good.] Anyway he writes back and says he hasn't and I take a super deep breath and write back "well how about I bring it over and we can watch it?" And he says sure and then I changed my clothes four times.

Fortunately Snow got off work and we were able to talk while I was on my way to his house. I shared with her the whole entire above story and asked her what the hell she thought was going on and her honest opinion: Stop trying to set him up with Fairy! We talked for awhile and I told Snow that my main thing is that I really like original cute boy and I don't want to screw up the chance (if there ever is one and I can't promise there will be) by making him think that I'm all like Other Girl at Work who sleeps with half the freakin' company. But at the same time Original Cute boy has been talking to me a little lately and cracking jokes and so I am wondering if maybe he is starting to consider it. Of course the opposite would be that he thinks I'm done trying and just wants to be pals. But what do I know? Remember? Fifteen Months.

I get there at about seven and his apartment is exactly what you would expect of a single dude. It's a one bedroom with a loft upstairs that has a poker table and a wet bar. Downstairs the small living room has a phenomenally comfortable leather couch and a ratty arm chair placed in front of the fifty some odd inch tv with the x-box 360 hooked up. Very tidy. In the "dining area" is a huge shelf of dvds and the kitchen was small and clean which was far less surprising once he showed me he didn't have a spec of food in the whole apartment. His bathroom had bare essentials: shampoo, razor, soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, hair gel. I didn't peak in the cabinets. But remember Snakeman? Snakeman knew I was coming over and made it a point to guy-clean his bathroom... you know, wipe the counters, make sure that there was a new roll of toilet paper on the roll, put the seat down. Now maybe new cute boy did a guy clean of everything and forgot the bathroom but me with my mommy glasses on was all thinking I wanted to tidy. Which I refrained from :)

I can hear ya'll all "get to the effing point already Kate!"

The short of it is, we watched the movie but paused it like four times to talk and one of those times for over an hour. And since I am a chic and one who is paying attention to little tiny details because that's just how I roll, I was watching to see if he was gonna make a move or do something obvious to insinuate that he might want to. We both sat on the couch and there was some playful touchy stuff but nothing that crossed any line. At one point I pulled the neck of my shirt down a little to scratch my shoulder and I very clearly saw him looking at the teeny bit of skin I had shown but that was pretty much it. I didn't pick up on any signs that he was trying to make a move and wasn't sure how to but then again, what does that even look like anymore?
All in all, I had a good time but stayed up WAY too late. I got home around midnight and passed smooth out. He came in this morning and said he had a great time and wants to know when we are going to do it again. And he reoffered to come over on Sunday for moving if I needed him.

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