Friday, August 31, 2007
55 Friday parte nove
parte uno , parte due , parte tre , parte quattro , parte cinque , parte sei , parte sette , parte otto

He had been thinking about her so when he looked up and saw her standing in the doorway looking mildly shocked, he had thought it was just his imagination.
On his right, his secretary stood looking impatient.
“Scusa… what is it?”
“Signore, this is the new American, Lily.”
Lily smiled, “we’ve met already.”


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
"So, I was cruising down by the medical center and I see like six really hot chics sitting there by the road. I pull over and say, "I'm looking for some women to pose for Art Class and I was wondering if any of you ladies might be interested..." Four of the six get up and say that they would be and ask where they need to go. I tell them that would be great and give them the address. As I am driving away one of the ladies asks me who I am. So, I smile and extend my arm to shake her hand and say, "My name is Art Class."

One of my favorite co-workers came in today and told me that little story.
I now have a name for him: Rico Suave.

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Monday, August 27, 2007
Amanda needs your help!
My darling daughter, Amanda, is doing a project in school where she needs to collect as many postcards from different places as possible.
And hey, guess what!
You guys are all in different places!!!
So, if you want to help out, shoot me an email:
And I will give you my mailing address :)

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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Beach Trip April 2008
I have been telling myself over and over that I needed to get this posted ASAP so those of you who kick ass and want to take a vacation in April can still get rooms at the hotel!
The Cake Lady and I went last April and it was beautiful.
Now I'm still giving you PLENTY of advance notice so no excuses.
The last weekend in April, I am taking my girls, along with The Cake Lady and her family and maybe even Snakeman and we are going to the beach. We're staying at the same place we stayed when Tuxbaby and Babs went with us and I WANT YOU GUYS TO COME!
Now, I KNOW you guys can still get rooms! And the guy who runs this place has a super awesome cancellation policy so you can reserve your room and then cancel like a week ahead of time with no penalty. So CALL HIM! Shoot me an email: and I will send you all the info!
Check in is on the 24th, out on the 27th.
Some of you guys could split rooms since they are like little apartments. Babs with her daughter and her friend with her two kids and me and my three girls all split a two bedroom room and had PLENTY of room.
They have a website which I will send you in the email. The hotel is a great little place, only has like twelve rooms total so if enough of us go, we'll practically have the whole place to ourselves!
Email me if you have any questions!
You don't want to miss out on this do you?


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Friday, August 24, 2007
55 Friday parte otto
parte uno , parte due , parte tre , parte quattro , parte cinque , parte sei , parte sette

She unpacked slowly, putting her things around the small cottage.
Sipping her tea at her small round table, she looked out the window at her tidy back yard.
She had a yard, she had a home.
Tomorrow, she went to meet her knew employer.
Tomorrow, she started her new life.
But today? Today was hers.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Shame on me, Shame on the things that I be...
Snow, who is The Most Amazing & Awesome Chic in the world today, sent me a text last night asking me what the name of the new Matchbox Twenty song was.
I raised a confused eyebrow and sent her back a text saying that Rob Thomas hadn't called me to approve any new MB20 songs yet so she surely must be confused.
But confused she was not.
And shocked I was.
(*Ok, enough Yoda talk, lol. -- no offense Yoda! :P)
Evidentally, Rob bypassed me this time on the song approval. Surely a grevious error on his part and I'm sure he will call any second to apologize.
In the meantime, they do have a new song out! AND A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT OCTOBER SECOND!!!
And do you know what that means people?
Another tour BABY!
And who is going to go?
God, I could do a friggen cartwheel right now.
So, click on this picture (below) to go their website and listen to the new song :)


ps.ALL comments today must be accompanied by your favorite MB20 lyrics or they will be deleted people. DELETED!

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Monday, August 20, 2007
God I am such a girl.
I am sitting here at my desk.
Am I working?
Am I pretty much continuously looking at my phone waiting for it to *ding* and tell me I have a new text message?
And who, pray tell, could I be waiting to hear from via phone or otherwise that would have me unable to concentrate while I should be working?
A positively adorable boy of course.
And how many moons has it been since I have blogged about a boy?
Well its been awhile. Because, really? We shouldn't count The Biter.

So let me tell you a little bit about a boy who looked me up on Plenty Of Fish and sent me an email about how chics with red hair who believe in karma are awesome. (And we are awesome by the way, in case you were wondering...) We will be calling this boy The Pilot. Because he is and because it is rare that someone wanders onto the list of characters in my life with a name already and who am I to be all looking a gift horse in the mouth.
What the hell does that mean anyway?
I've never understood that saying.

Those of you who have known me for a long time have heard me joke about how the only person I could ever sustain a lasting relationship with would have to be a pilot. For no other reason than that I have such a hectic schedule, I would need someone who was out of town 75% of the time to tolerate it. And who would be grateful that I, in return, could deal with their schedule being insane too.
But it was always just me joking. I don't hang out at airports winking at the dudes wearing the wings or anything.
I don't.
No, really.
Anyway, so I get this little email from The Pilot and it is cute and not psycho at all, so I write him back. This was probably a few weeks ago now. And we've been having some decent emails that have graduated into some semi-indecent text messages and a singular phone call when both of us were miraculously available.
To make sure I hadn't lost my mind, I sent some of the emails to my Girls, who have told me that I am totally within my wits and that Pilot boy is absolutely adorable and that we need to meet him.
And so we are planning to. As soon as next weekend, schedules permitting.
And I have to tell you few and loyal readers that I am actually pretty excited about it. For the first time, in a very very long time, I am talking to a boy who I could actually fathom dating. Hurry! Run out and buy some lottery tickets ;)
I'll keep ya'll updated of course.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007
55 Friday parte sette
parte uno , parte due , parte tre , parte quattro , parte cinque , parte sei

When she bent to set her bags on the floor, he saw the bruises along her lower back.
Now that he was looking for them, he saw them peaking out from her sleeves and neckline.
When she turned and saw him, fear flashed in her eyes.
He mumbled something about an appointment and left her.


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That is the word that most clearly explains what I felt the last few days.
For those of you who don't know, my house flooded Thursday. When I got home from work, after driving down highways that would be closed minutes after I fought through the raging waters on them, I was standing in a foot of water in my yard and it was ankle deep through out my house.
Attempting to beat it, I went to The Cake Lady's house and picked up her shop vac and left Amanda and Emilee with her. When I got back home, I realized that the hose that goes with the shop vac was not inside of it and when I called The Cake Lady back, she informed me that the dam near her house had broken and I wouldn't be able to get back to her house.
It was at that point when I realized that the water that was seeping into my house wasn't something I could fight. I packed up a few things and called Fairy to see if we could come over there. She said we could but that we'd have to hurry before they closed the road.
At eleven o'clock, as I was laying down to sleep with Trin, the sheriff's department starting banging on the door telling us that we needed to evacuate the area because the river was rising and it was likely that the area we were in was about to be flooded by it.
We packed everything up again and all of us went to the Vet Clinic where Fairy works and slept upstairs in the "kid room". We were up again at 7am packing everything up to go out and assess the damages. I was able to pick up the girls now that the water had receded and we came back to my house to start the process of cleaning up the mess.
And HOLY HELL, what a mess. I don't think I could have done it without my brother.
From eight to eight, we did nothing but pull up carpet and clean. Luckily my entire house is tiled in these cafeteria/hospital type tiles and the carpet was laid on them, so it was just a matter of getting the carpet into the dumpster and scrubbing the hell out of floors and walls with bleach.
It was exhausting.
But it wasn't the end of the world.
Let me tell you what was amazing about this whole experience: I have such an unbelievable "community"
When I was in school and doing social studies, I remember reading about communities and thinking that the entire idea of a whole town really being there for each other was ridiculous.
I don't feel that way anymore.
And while the whole town in which I live is hardly what I'm referring to, the people who make up my "community" were so great, I just can't even begin to tell you how great that was.
I got so many calls, so many offers of help, so many truly concerned and sincere people who I am lucky to have in my life. These are the people you don't see me blogging about because they are just friends that I know from whatever and that I don't hang out with all the time. But these people from behind the scenes were calling just as the people who I talk to on a daily basis were.
It was crazy and wonderful to know how many people care about my girls and I. We are so very lucky to have all of these great people in our lives.
Everything is really fine now, I go back to work on Monday to hopefully resume normalcy. Just cross your fingers that there isn't any more rain for awhile, I don't think we can take any more.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Daily Quote (Hump Day Version)
Every morning, we have a meeting. At the end of our meeting, Boss reads a quote and gives a couple of clues and then says some random amount of money will go to whomever can guess it.
So, this morning Boss reads this quote:
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
He then starts going around the room and calling on people randomly to guess the quote.
The first guy he calls on is the newest of our sales guys, he started a week or so after I did.
His guess?
"Ron Jermy."

In case you are wondering, it is actually Aristotle.

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Friday, August 10, 2007
55 Friday parte sei
parte uno
parte due
parte tre
parte quattro
patre cinque

She simply forgot he was there when she saw the little cottage that would be home for the next year.
It was everything she had hoped it would be: friendly, pretty, safe and a thousand miles from before.
Sighing, she unlocked the door and stepped in.
He stepped in behind her and closed the door.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
-insert mondo happy dance here-
Do you guys remember "mondo"?
Granted, not nearly as good as the ones that never died like "awesome" and "cool", not even as good as the ones I keep trying to bring back like "rad" but not as bad as the ones that deserved to die like "bodacious"...
Anyway, the reason for my being all jazzed?
I'm going to Toronto to see LOLA!!!! :)
I'm beyond excited, beyond thrilled, beyond freakin' jazzed! On September 13th, I will get to see my soul sister in Toronto!
I consider myself a very blessed chic when it comes to friends. I am lucky enough to have a few girl friends here locally that are awesome chics. Chics that I KNOW I will be friends with for the rest of my life, friends that I can be me with - the best friends any gal could ask for: my soul sisters. I have the phenomenal Cake Lady, Jiffinner & Fairy. These are the chics I call when I want to go shopping or have a bbq or just grab lunch. These girls know all there is to know about me. They've seen me at my best and my worst and I know I can be both ways or in between with them and it doesn't matter.
So that could be enough. Having them could really be all the friends a girl could ever need.
But I am so very lucky to have other soul sisters (and brothers) who are less local.
The first of whom is my half sister, Blue. When I met her seven years ago, I had no idea how much I had missed out on. Here was this amazing chic who happened to also be my sister! Then, two years ago, I got to meet Lola :) I met she and The Girl at a time in my life that was very hard. I had just lost Veronique and was grieving as much as any girl could. My heart was broken and empty and I didn't think it would ever be the same again. My heart is healed now, but I can still see the huge scar that is there. I met Lola a few months after I lost Veronique and it was like being reunited with a sister, much like meeting Blue had been. I knew, instantaneously that she and I would be friends forever. We have a bond. And even though I haven't met her yet, I know I have the same bond with Snow.
These ladies are my soul sisters. They are not accidental people in my life, they are supposed to be here. I am supposed to know them and I am so glad that I do.
I wish I could just get them all to move to Texas!
Anyway, I am going to get to go see Lola next month! I've never even been to Canada so that is going to be exciting too!
Ok, I am super busy and at work, but I just wanted to share that with ya'll.

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Friday, August 03, 2007
55 Friday parte cinque
parte uno
parte due
parte tre
parte quattro

Buongiorno signorina,
But when she turned her ice blue eyes on him, he almost retreated a step.
“What’s the problem?” Lucca asked, in his heavy Italian accent.
He saw her hesitate.
“I’m just trying to find 233 via Raramente.”
“Si, I’ll show you.”
He picked up her espresso and opened the door for her.


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Thursday, August 02, 2007
I was on a call today with one of the guys at another of our store's locations.
He was explaining to me a problem that one of our customers was having and I was taking short notes on the message slip for the person who actually needs the info. (As I am not she.)
After about ten minutes of him trying to explain the issue to me and my having given up on trying to fit it all in the tiny message area on the slip, he stops and says, "Ok, I think that's it. Was I rambling? I'm rambling. My wife tells me all the time that I'm rambling so I don't talk to her."


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I've been tagged!
1. Let others know who tagged you. -AHEM- That would be Snow.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. (hence this little snippet)
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (I don't even think eight people are reading my blog these days :P

Eight random facts....
1. I love shoes. How's that for a starter?
But I do. I love them.
And not like the 9 million dollar pairs either... Payless is fine with me.
I probably have at least 50 pairs of shoes at my house, not counting flip flops.

2. I am reading a butt load of parenting books right now. All about daughters and the nasty evil stages know as "Pre-Teen" and "Teenager". I don't take much away from them as they are mostly crap I've already heard or knew but if I read four books and come away with ONE thing, I consider it worth it. And since we are talking books, I also just finished the last Harry Potter book last week but I have NO intention of giving away any spoilers.

3. I haven't dyed my hair since Christmas. It is, right now, it's natural color. Which is kinda weird since I don't think that it has been in a very long time.

4. I haven't had a cigarette in over seven months. I had my last one on NYE of '06. We wo't discuss the weight gain associated with the ditching of the smokes.

5. I have a crush on a boy at work. He is adorable and apparently rather shy as I can't even get eye contact out of him. He has the same name as Amanda and Em's dad, even spelled the same. Other than that, he's just adorable.

6. I think long hair is sexy. I don't mean like half way down a dudes back or anything, but some length? I like :)

7. I get scared that I am spending more time with Trin than I am her sisters. Mostly because I feel like I've finally learned enough about her that we can connect and I want to connect with her since I didn't feel like we had before. But I worry that I am overdoing it and that her sisters will get jealous.

8. I don't wear gold. I love silver. And if I were to wear gold, it would have to be platinum.

There you go :)

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