Monday, March 31, 2008
The return of Mr. I
I wasn't sure how to blog about this.
I mean what do you say after two plus years?
I mean, do you guys even remember him?
I know some of you do.
Some of you were plagued with pathetic phone calls from a girl who was so head over heart for this boy who didn't love her back. Some of you listened ad nauseum while I went on and on and on about him.

It prompted such posts as this one:
So, last night, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth before I went to bed and I opened the cabinet.
There it is, the symbol of my relationship with Mr. I, the giant bottle of blue mouthwash.

Or the infamous post that has had more hits that probably any other post on this blog.

Or this one...
"Hi. Is this [Kate]?"
"Are you busy?"
"Not really... Who is this?"
"This is [Mr. I's girlfriend]..."
Oh Shit.

Yeah, there was really no shortage of drama. If you happened to come along after it all, well lucky you since it's all still there :) And mostly been tagged with "Mr. I"
So it' s been like two years? Three years? It's been a long fucking time since he and I have spoken or even ran into each other. So a few days ago, I get an email...
I suppose I shouldn't be writing but I wanted to ask how everything was going,.. was hoping you and your daughters were doing well. I'm sorry we havent talked, you were my one of my favorite people to talk to you know. ...cant an old friend say hello to someone he really cared about?
How do you answer that?
Let's see... since you broke my heart, I've switched jobs twice, bought a couple of new cars, my daughter was diagnosed with AS and I bought a house...
I sat here and contemplated what to say for HOURS.
And I decided being mad wouldn't serve any purpose at all.
So he and I talked.
He's well. He's the same. Finally moved out of his parents house, still spends all his money on gadgets and has been in a relationship for two years. He apologized for everything and said that he still felt really terrible about what he'd done.
I relayed this story on and when asked if we would be friends now, I couldn't help but answer that I think I've outgrown him. I think half of his charm was the fact that I was so in love with him. Once you take that away and give me two or three years to get over him and I don't know that I could go back to spending all of my daytime minutes talking to someone I don't have anything in common with anymore.
As I type that I am afraid that he will read this and I will hurt his feelings.
I am afraid I will hurt his feelings.
I don't know, maybe we could be friends again and I am just too guarded right now...

The biggest thing?
He asked if I was seeing anyone (not in an "I want to date you" way) and I had to evaluate my love life since him.
And it's sad people.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Lucky to be alive...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
After telling me about how she hit four balls straight into the outfield, two batting right handed and two batting left handed, the last of which scored her a home run at practice, Amanda exclaimed:

"See Mom, I'm so awesome!"

I jokingly said to her, "of course you are, you're my kid. You have inherited awesomeness."

She replied with, "No Mom, I inherited my freckles. I'm awesome all by myself."

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Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Apologies
Yesterday he said my eyes
Were fading fast away
I said well what do you expect
You asked me not to stay and if it had all been for the best
I wouldn't feel this way
And he said

Oh he said it's crazy
How love stays with me
You know it hurts me
Cause I don't wanna fight this war
It's amazing to see me reading through this scene
Of love and fear and apologies

My love is like a blanket
That gets a little bit too warm sometimes
I wanna wrap somebody in it
Who can hold me in his arms
Cause when it got a little too hot in there
He was always stepping out for air and he froze
Oh he froze

He said it's crazy
How love stays with me
You know it hurts me
Cause I don't wanna fight this war
It's amazing to see me reading through this scene
Of love and fear and apologies

Yesterday he looked at me
With a tear in his eye and said
I'll always tell you you're my friend
I hope i don't have to lie
Cause it's clear you love another man
I said you're damn right

And he said
He said it's crazy
How love stays with me
You know it hurts me
Cause I don't wanna fight this war
It's amazing to see me reading through this scene
Of love and fear and apologies
He said it's crazy
How love stays with me
You know it hurts me
That i didn't figure it out before
And now it's too late for a soliloquy
It's way too late for dignity
It's time for apologies

*There may be a story to follow. There may not be. Either way, this album is awesome. She's like a young and new Bonnie Raitt.


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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Happy Easter!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday :)
I've uploaded pics to my flickr account for the first time in months, check em out :)
The stunning lack of shots of my eldest isn't due to my kicking her out or anything, she's sick and has been quarantined on the sofa.
Here's a couple that I liked:

Me and Trin-Trin

The Egg That Doh-Doh Made
clean ur room

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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Happy Spring!
"The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings."
- Joyce Kilmer, Spring
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
To shave or not to shave, that is the question....
Or was anyway, the choice was made already :P
So this morning, I totally overslept. Like woke up fifteen minutes before it was time to leave - that kind of overslept. I jump out of bed, stripping on the way to the bathroom, turn the water on and get in before it is even heated up. (Penance for oversleeping.) And as I am shampooing my hair, I remember that I haven't shaved my legs in... well, awhile. I mean, who cares right? I've been wearing pants as often as possible. And I've made that pretty often, so who cares? It's not like I'm getting laid anymore. (Penance for being a stupid girl.)
I decide that it isn't a big deal, I'll shave tomorrow, I don't have time anyway. I'll just wear pants again. I finish washing the conditioner out of my hair and hop out, wrap up in a towel and hit the closet. And as I am standing there looking at my clothing options, I realize it is too hot for pants. It's that whole muggy before the rain high seventies outside. If I wear pants, I'll be sweating before I am done getting ready. Instead I wear capris. And I silently kick myself for not shaving but rationalize that who will be looking at my legs anyway? Nevermind that I am the only chic in an office of ten dudes.
Nah, no one will look.
Then we sit down for lunch.
And I am sitting next to original cute boy.
And he can so totally see my hairy legs.
He is so never going to ask me out.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008
How having creative writers gets you extra advertising...
So I get this "spam" WE'RE HAVING A GREAT SALE!!! email from this Shoe company that I don't even remember signing up for and I delete it.
Then, a few hours later, I get what I believe to be the best freakin' "spam" email ever.
And I had to share.
Because that's how I roll.
Check it.

Dear Kate,
If you have tried to visit and have had trouble getting the site to load, we wanted to let you know we are feverishly working on it. It seems that cyber-terrorists from the future have attempted to sabotage the site, reasoning that in the year 2011, has achieved global domination of the internet shoe market. We apparently somehow turned the shoes against their owners, creating worldwide chaos, destroying the world’s economy and plunging us into the depths of a new Dark Age.

Okay, so maybe that’s not really the case, but we are having some issues with the site. Rest assured we will have the problem resolved soon, and you can continue on with your shopping experience. We appreciate your patience as we continue in our beta phase, and want to remind you that when we are at full-speed again, you are welcome to take advantage of the 20% discount. Have a shoe-riffic day!

Your friends in footwear,

*Free ground shipping limited to continental U.S. Shipping through UPS ground service.



PHONE: 888-446-1788


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Does your brain burn calories?
Since I've moved into my new position, my brain has been a learning machine.
Not like normal where I learn a couple of new things a day but rather like a shopping cart pushed by someone on a free $500 shopping spree in under ten minutes.
It's been that kind of cramming.
All the time.
Is it possible to be hungry from learning and thinking?

Just a quick "hello!" as I check in and then check back out, hope you are all well.
I'll be back ;)

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Friday, March 07, 2008
I'll be needing to see some id...
Class, pay attention!
Now today's work is going to be a short essay on how one knows when one is too young for them.
Now, does anyone have an example of what I might be looking for?
[Couldn't help the Ferris Bueller there, sorry :)]
Oh, Kate? Is that your hand I see up back there?
Sure why don't you tell us?

The dude at Sprint last night? He could have sold me an effing gold plated ghetto phone and I would have smiled and asked where to sign.
I have never been so happy to have a company's computer not work.
For an hour.
In my whole life.
The eyes? Holy shit.... the eyes...
The dude was smoking hot and I would have pegged him for... twenty five. Which is the worst age ever.
Ever ever.
But that's what I would have guessed.
And I would have guessed wrong because as I ever so smoothly convinced him to share with me his age, turned out to be twenty one!
So I spent like forty five minutes flirting with this dude and trying to convince myself that twenty one was not too young for me.
Which it obviously is.
Did I mention the eyes?
And his name doesn't start with an "M"...
Back to work

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
On Being Polite...
Triniti has been learning about manners in school. She for the most part is pretty schooled on them since having manners seems to be especially important when you live in the south. To this day I still cannot answer a woman who is older than me with out saying ma'am. It's just hammered into you.
So Trin had been talking all evening about manners when we had the following conversation while getting ready for bed.

"Mamma? I don't want to grow up. I don't want to get all old. Like you. Twenty seven is old."

"Wow Trin, Mamma doesn't feel like she's all old."

"Well.... You're still beautiful!"

"That's sweet baby, thanks!"

"No, that's using your manners! Like Mrs. Crenshaw said to!"

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Monday, March 03, 2008
Like mother...
Amanda and I were watching a show together & at the end of it we both teared up.
Noah walked over and teased us about it...
As Amanda wiped her eyes, she said, "Gosh! I'm such a mom!"

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Dear Lovely Readers of LOC,
Unfortunately, given my recent promotion and very little time allotted for me to learn this new position, I have to let you know that I will be less than available in the coming days.
Absent is the word.
Also given that the last dude I decided to play with was a Slimy Weasel, I won't really have anything to write about anyway, so you aren't missing much.
You know, besides more of the same whiny shit that you are undoubtedly tired of reading :)
BTW - to those of you who are awesome and rock, thanks so much for your emails. I was shocked at how many of you wrote to remind me that I am also one of those people who is awesome and rocks :)

In the way of a mini update, all is well. My fence is staring to go up this week (assuming the rain stops) and I am getting all itchy to start gardening so I will be getting my green house in the next weekend or so. Also and possibly the most important is that I will be getting the internet again and hopefully within a week or two. So then I can send these updates from the comfort of my home and my pajamas.

Hang in there, I won't be gone too long.
Go read Snow's blog, she's got stuff.

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Kate Voegele - It's Only Life
Tears are forming in your eyes,
a storm is warning in the skies,
the end of the world it seems,
you bend down and you fall on your knees,
well get back on your feet ,yeah,
don't look away, don't run away,
baby it's only life,
don't lose your faith,don't run away,
it's only life.
you were always playing hard,
never could let down your guard,
you can't win, if you never give in,
to that voice within, saying pick up your chin,
baby let go of it , yeah,
don't look away, don't run away ,
baby, it's only life.
don't lose your faith, don't run away,
baby it's only life.(repeat)
take your hesitance, and your self defense,
leave them behind, it's only life,
don't be so afraid of facing every day,
just take your time, it's only life,
i'll be your stepping stone, don't be so alone,
just hold on tight,it's only life,
oh..don't look away, don't run away,
baby it's only life,
don't lose your faith, don't run away, baby, it's only life (repeat),
it's only life, it's only life,
don't look away...


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"Guys are like stars, there's a million of them out there but only one of them can make your dreams come true." "Don't spend your life with someone you can live with, spend it with someone you can't live without."

"Reach for the moon, even if you miss you will still land among the stars"



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