Sunday, November 29, 2009
Last night, I had a dream...
In my dream, I heard this song:

And I had sex with this man, in my office:

Really. Great. Sex.

Afterwards, he jokingly told my boss we'd had sex in my office and I was promptly fired.

Really Universe?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Sometimes I make bad choices.
Yeah, I know - TOTAL shocker.
It's not like I could spend the next hour linking to a slew of bad choices I've made over the course of the lifetime of this blog.
The five year lifetime of this blog.
Five. Years.
I was twenty four when I started writing here. Twenty four and hopelessly intertwined with Mr.I who was the winner of the bad decisions I've made over that five year period. A bad decision I still to this day consider making again.
It's like fucking Honesty Day here or something.
You know, I deleted Mr.I's phone number from my phone a long time ago and it doesn't matter because I have it memorized.
And I probably want to call him once a week and see how he is doing.
And sometimes I do. Rarely, but sometimes.
And he doesn't answer.
And I think it's because the last time we talked he said that he still loved me and that it was keeping him from moving forward in his current relationship.
And every time he doesn't answer, I am happy for him because I hope it means he is moving forward.
And in some way, so am I.

Although last week wasn't one of those times.
Remember how I wrote the other day that I was done thinking about a boy and it was kicking my ass a little? Well same boy asked me out. Relentlessly. Until I said I'd go. And then he brought the girl he HAD SUPPOSEDLY BROKEN UP WITH to our little work dinner on Saturday.
Which reminded me of exactly why I don't dip my toes in the dating pool anymore.
I don't like to play this bullshit game.
I don't like to spend an entire week trying to decide if I like someone enough to go out with them only to have them slap me in the face.
So, class, what have we learned this week?
Don't let the Holiday Lonely Bug bite you.
Or something like that.
Did I mention I haven't had sex in over a year?

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Friday, November 20, 2009
Thank you The Cake Lady, she LOVED her cake.

In our family, you light your own damn candles.

Can we get to the important part?

This is mock surprise, she totally knew what was in there...

At the insistance of Trin, Camille put the ribbons on Mander's head.

Much to her dismay, I assure you.

When Camille's mom got there, she and Mille were all giggling... and it wasn't about the Christmas paper...

Seems whenever Amanda spends the night, they serve something that she really likes.

And since she likes it so much, they promised her they would get her some for her birthday...

And they meant it :) Amanda said, "that is ALL mine!"

Ps. I am not ignoring what you saw in this picture.

Did you miss it? Here...
Yup, that is a boy.
We aren't talking about that today.
Soon though, VERY soon.
One thing: throughout the years, that look of indifference is still hot to thirteen year old girls.
That's all I have to say about that.
For now.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009
Dear Amanda (part two)
I know this girl...

This girl with the easy smile...

Who loves her sisters...

Even this one...

I've been watching you change...

Watching your grow...
New lens

And as you've grown, I've become more and more proud of you...
Amanda Panda

Proud of the person you're becoming...

I love seeing you figure out who you are...
Yeah, I know - me too.

And I am so happy that you share it all with me...
Amanda Panda

And even though you are so totally crazy...
God I love braces.

I love you.
My baby.

Happy birthday Amanda.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Dear Amanda (part one)
Who is this kid?

Who is this LITTLE girl?
Thanksgiving 2004

This girl with whispy curls?

This girl with bangs and a purple back pack?
amanda 4-15-05

This girl who still lets her mommy brush her hair?
Amanda 3-26-05

Who still shoots a smile at the camera when asked to?
Amanda 02-22-04

Who's not too cool for school?
Amanda's ribbon

Who is still a LITTLE sister and not a big one yet?
lunch in a boat

Who brings stuffed animals out in public?

Who gets tickle attacked by her uncle?
Amanda - flying

Who thinks being silly is fun?

Who thinks being a grown up is all about wearing makeup?

Who lets Mommy dress her for picture day?
picture day 2004

This girl who is learning how to be a big sister?
hold my hand

This girl with messy hair who still sits on Winnie the Pooh chairs?

And makes faces at her Mom?
Silly Face

Who thinks making brownies with her mom is super fun?
Amanda stirring her mix.

And who still wears Arm Floaties?
Noah - pre Navy

Who doesn't have a fashion sense?
Amanda: in her element

Who is learning about how to be a big kid?
My Third Grader

But also who is learning how to still be a little kid?

I see this little girl...

In her Barbie pajamas...
This would have been in 2003

With that sparkle in her eyes...
My girls

Who still gets loose teeth...
hanging on - barely

And writes papers about loving her family...
The Great Family

And while she will always be this little to me....
look how little they are!

Tomorrow, she will be thirteen....

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