Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Of all the places...
So I am reading a new Nora Roberts trilogy and in the first book in the trilogy (Blood Brothers), the character, Quinn, inspired me.
I know, I know, of all the places to get inspiration - a romance novel!
Well, not that I am not usually inspired in another way when I read one of her novels...
Anyway, I'm getting off track.
So Quinn, the main female character in Blood Brothers has many an inner monologue about how she won't be eating certain things due to her health. But rather than being on a "diet", she admits early in the book that diets didn't work and she had to make a complete "Lifestyle Change". And throughout the book, whenever she needs to remind herself that she doesn't want to have something, she says to herself "lifestyle change, lifestyle change".
This had me cracking up throughout the book. Not to mention that it let out that a lot of women who look great have to work for it. It doesn't come naturally. There are food limitations and exercise.
Lots and lots of exercise.

So, I decided, in a very low pressure kind of way, that maybe what I needed to do, instead of dieting and calorie counting and sporadic gym visitation, is a lifestyle change.
And it sounds like a good idea so I am giving it a shot.
I've traded my breakfast tacos for Special K Vanilla Almond and my whole milk for nasty, watery 2% milk.
I've traded my Whataburger and Las Palapas lunches for V8s and Slimfast. And not in a diet way, in a healthy way.
A boring, grease-less, french fry-less, and cookie-less kind of way.
And this one I am still working on... I'm attempting to get the girls and I on a more balanced, more healthy dinner schedule. One where we have more veggies and less, oh I don't know, cake.
And lastly, I'm taking a page from SnowElf's book and really, really paying attention to my portions.
So add my lifestyle change to my (hopefully) more often gym visiting or at the very least more often WII sports playing and I am hoping to lose some weight and get into shape (finally).

Of course, this has me repeating to myself a hundred effing times a day, "Lifestyle Change".


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