Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Welcome to Hell, 3 Billion served
I am in some special kind of hell reserved for those who put things off until the last minute. I guess I thought I still had a few weeks to get my shit together. I didn’t realize that when I went into the store on Sunday that I was going to need to rent my space ASAP or risk losing it. I also didn’t realize that the lady in charge was going to be a little antsy about seeing my things hit the shelves. I feel like I have twenty-four hours to get those damn crystals to grow for my science project or risk making an ‘F’. I didn’t think that you could get an ‘F’ when you were an adult but I feel that big red marker heading my way.
A lot of work. And I have no fucking idea how to make the site and I am hoping that Tempest is the goddess she professes that she is and can make some magic happen there. Of course, then I will need to send her some kind of AWESOME gift for being the rocking chic that she is (feel free to click comment and tell me what the hell you want).
I thought about cashing my last two vacation days in and taking a four day weekend this week and getting all of my shit in a row and my ducks together. I hate being so unorganized. I may scream... wait for it....
I’m not losing hope or my vision or whatever the hell it is that you lose when you become disheartened. I am going to do this come hell or high water. I am just taking my horoscopes advice: Take a break from assessing the possible snags in the (creative, romantic [snort], financial) project, and turn your mind instead to the people on your address book who could potentially help you out there.
Go Universe, you rock. I love it when my horoscopes are pertinent to my day to day life instead of annoying drivel. It’s a hell of a ride but it has the awesome potential to be something and it is a chance that I am going to have to fully pursue. Even if the only thing you hear when you are on the phone with me is ‘damn it! No, I’m listening I swear! Uh huuuuu… Uh huuuuuuuu… damn it! Can I call you back?’ Even if I can’t sleep because I am nervous that I making a huge financial mistake! Even if I can’t see straight because I have tons of html code in front of me and I am cross-eyed. Even if I get no work done because I am too busy trying to figure out how in the Sam hell I am going to get all of this done this week. I'm sure my boss will understand.. Right Jiffinner?

Hope your day isn't this hectic and that you will all still love me despite my shit-posts and insanity... Hey! the name of the site was your warning.
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