Friday, September 21, 2007
Toronto, in pictures - day one
Geez, I'm getting hate mail about how it's taking me to long to post this :)
Which is kinda cool since it means you guys care :)
In my defense, I am super, super busy! And it's so great! I am loving my job and my job is keeping me fairly swamped most of the time. I am doing this whole new approach to parenting thing that is keeping me off the computer at home almost all the time which is actually ok since all of my email goes to my Blackberry now. I haven't been home on the weekends much and will continue not to be through the next few months on account of how I have fantastically fun stuff planned with my girls and my friends.
All in all - life is good. (*And as a side note, adorable boy from work just walked in and he is wearing my favorite shirt of his.)

And people? Toronto was freakin' awesome. Lola was amazing! I don't think it would have been possible for us to have done more than we did.
My flight left San Antonio ass-crack-of-dawn early. I got to the airport here in SA at 5:45a. Flight left around 6:30a and landed in Cleveland and then left again like 30 minutes later. Smooth flying on a little tiny ass plane.
Ever since Snow has entered my life, I find that I can find Ironic Coincidences all the time and I always blame her for them. There were two on this particular day. The first was that the plane I got off of in Cleveland was continuing on to Toronto and I was changing to another plane :P The second was that I was flying via the airline that The Pilot (from a couple of posts ago) flies. And since he and I haven't spoken (due to a fairly creepy comment he emailed me), I was uber paranoid about running in to him.
I landed shortly after noon in Buffalo, NY and grabbed my luggage and went outside mere seconds before the absolutely adorable Lola arrived to pick me up. We climbed into her little Pontiac and headed strait for Target.
See, there is something that us Americans don't know about the Canadians - They treat Target like crack. They don't have Targets there and they pine after ours. The whole time I was in Toronto Lola kept telling our Target story and everyone "ooohed and aaahhhed" at it. So if you ever need to convince a Canadian to come see you, promise them you will take them to Target.
Anyway, Lola and I did a twenty minute run through of Target where she bought a positively cute jacket, a new shower curtain, hair stuff and a headband. We had to rush through as quickly as possible so as to get back to the border without needing to declare everything we'd bought. After a quick stop at Duty Free (where you can buy a certain amount of stuff to take into Canada without having to pay taxes) to buy postcards and Vodka, we crossed the border.

We got through the border with no problem. I was a little freaked out about it since everyone kept saying I could only bring certain things and I would need my licence and birth certificate.
Yeah - the border guy didn't even look at my stuff.

A few minutes later, we are in Niagra Falls.
Holy crap.
It was awesome. Lola was looking at me like I had lost my mind. She is all like Uhm, they are waterfalls? What's the big deal?
Which is how I was when she was in Dallas, I was all like Uhm, it's a rodeo. They have these down the road from my house every other Saturday.
I was seriously blown away by "the falls". It's truly a humbling sight. And it's so beautiful. I kept thinking that I have to take the girls there so they can see how amazing it is.
Lola & KHE @ Niagra Falls
Aww - two red-heads in front of Niagra Falls.

After we saw the falls, we headed to Toronto. This is actually a pretty nice drive. There are a lot of vineyards and water on one side the whole time. On one of the bridges, you could see Toronto across the lake. Really pretty.
We drive through downtown and Lola is pointing a hundred things out to me that I can't remember. I just remember that there were a lot of VERY COOL loft buildings.
Lola is VERY into lofts :)

After we got through downtown, we started getting into the immediately outlying "suburb" type areas, which are totally still city for this country girl. It reminded me of San Francisco. All of these two story houses lined up neatly in rows. And almost all of them duplexes. Toronto is all about duplexes. And there were street cars. It was too picturesque.

When we arrived at Lola's house, I got to meet her mom. That was so cool. I could totally see Lola with the "my mom is ridiculous" face and I am all oooh, please keep talking with your Irish accent!!
Her mom was the most adorable lady. She actually said "gob-shite" which had me giggling my ass off.
Shortly after her mom got there, Lola and I walked the two perfectly adorable (what is that? Like the thirteenth time I've said adorable? I can't help it, everything was!) blocks to her son's school to pick him up. He is just cute as pie. He had a friend over for a playdate so we barely saw him, except for at dinner where he and his little friend were deep in conversation about school and friends and boy stuff.
I had to tell Lola that the difference between boys and girls was clearly that boys sit at the table at dinner and never stop talking to each other but girls sit at the table at dinner and never stop talking to you.
Her house is so sweet and has a perfect little back yard. I had to resist the urge to pick up all the maple leaves and put them in my bag. Once I got home, I really wished I had.
After dinner, Lola and I sat around and talked, most of which I vaguely remember as I was starting to fade fast from the almost no sleep and excitement from the day. So, I crashed out and slept like a baby.


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