Friday, May 01, 2009
Want to become more Earth Friendly?
There is nothing I would love more than to help all of you convert over to more Earth Friendly people. If you are anything like me, as soon as you start, you won't be able to stop. And even the things you don't do because you can't will make you feel guilty. You'll be thinking is there some way I could recycle these bottle caps?? And you know what? There is. And you'll find out how because you'll wonder about it incessantly until you google it.

But you aren't hardcore yet right?
You're just starting to feel a little bad about the fact that you still throw paper away.
Or you still don't have reusable shopping bags.
Or you haven't begun composting yet.
You've just started to feel responsible for our planet. You've just begun to consider the long term effects you will have on our planet. You're an Earth Friendly pledge... a newbie.
But you know what? That's cool.
We love newbies and pledges and beginners.

So, I am going to give you three things you can start doing today. Three things that will not alter your schedule and lifestyle so drastically that you curl up into the fetal position and cry. Three things that will not cause you to abandon our planet and buy into the whole "only hippies recycle" mantra.

1. Recycle your paper.
Recycling paper is possibly the easiest of all recycling. Almost every school every where has a big green paper recycling dumpster sitting outside and completely accessible by the general public. Get a trashcan (or a cardboard box) and just start putting your paper in there. When it's full, take it to your local school and dump it. You will feel immense satisfaction every time you do because that can/box will weigh like twenty pounds and you will be so jazzed to know that you just saved twenty pounds of paper from entering a landfill.

2. Get some reusable bags people.
I know I am Broken Record Girl with the reusable bags but seriously, it is so easy. I am Target's pimp when it comes to bags. And this isn't just because I bought one and love it. It's because I bought one, love it, bought six more and love them and I still check out everyone's bags when I am shopping and no one but Target reinforces that handle. When they do, I will so totally let you in on it. I promise. Also, if you have mad skillz like The Cake Lady and can actually operate a sewing machine, there is a cool design for making your own produce bags on CraftStylish. I do not have The Cake Lady's mad skillz but I did just get a sewing machine and the mesh and I am hoping to learn.
Also you may want to consider something like these bags for storing your produce so it will last longer and they are reusable.

3. Be more conscientious.
Dang, three things are hard to pick. I have like fifty more stored away in my noggin. I may have to do another post later. But if I had to pick one more thing it would be to be more conscientious. When you do something, think about it. You can recycle, reuse or donate pretty much anything. Think about that. When you are about to throw away an old cell phone, spend a minute online and figure out where you can drop it off to be recycled or donate it to a soldier. If you drink a bunch of bottled water, get a stainless bottle and fill it up at home or work. Donate your old clothes. Just stop and think about things a little when you are doing them. Ask yourself is this helping or hurting the planet? You may find by just doing that you are doing a tremendous amount.
And most importantly, tell people. I'm not saying bully people, just help them realize what they could be doing too. Because word of mouth is really the only advertising the enviroment can afford right now. And your kids? Your kids will totally be watching you and taking the habits you are showing them with them into adulthood. And they will be the ones taking care of this planet.

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