Tuesday, June 26, 2007
My new favorite show...
A few months ago, I was over at The Cake Lady's house and since it was cold, we were all hanging out inside (which we don't often do, even if it's cold).
We were watching this show where they auctioned off really kick ass old cars, some of which were one of a kind. Now, I have to tell you, previous to working at Fantasy Disco Ford, I didn't know a Ford from a Dodge and didn't care that I didn't know and didn't know that I didn't care that I didn't know.
But of all the things I took away from that job, appreciating cars was one of them. Now does this mean I can talk engine shop with ya? Probably not, but I am learning.
So anyway, this auction show has some really kick ass one of a kind older cars on it and we are drooling and then gasping at the prices people are paying for them. When the show ends, another show I hadn't ever seen before comes on called PINKS.


If you've never seen the show, here is the basic premis: Two people race their cars, the winner takes home the other racer's ride.
Now there are two versions of this show. The first version is the one I mentioned above where two racers bring the suped up cars to the track and run the best three out of five races. Now the thing is, the loser can ask for lengths or that both racers run on motor only or only onephase of Nitro so there is usually a lot of haggling. The haggling is what makes it fun, two dudes all pissed off talking car jargon and this is where you learn all your stuff. There is also "sandbagging" which (for those of you not into street racing) is when one racer goes slower than they can so that they don't have to give away too many lengths on the next race.
Now the second version of the show is called PINKS All Out. And that is my favorite one to watch because there is no haggling and the cars are bad ass.
For All Out, they have like 300 cars come out and run as fast as they can run, no sandbagging allowed. It is seriously as fast as you can run and after you race two races, they take those times and hold you to them. If you run faster after those two runs, you're disqualified. After they run all the cars, they pick a time (9 seconds, 10 seconds) and they grab sixteen cars from that group and race them. They run one race and the winner moves on. There is 10k and a bunch of tools for the winner.
The great thing about this race is that you just run hard one time and the winner wins. Period.
Anyway, the reason I am telling you all of this? Because you need to check out this show. I'm telling you, it's awesome and you'll dig it :)

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