Sunday, September 23, 2007
Toronto, in pictures - day two
There was totally sleeping.
Like a ridiculous amount of me sleeping while Lola worked upstairs.
Did I wake up and hear her moving about the house? Absolutely.
Did I get up because I knew it was totally a good idea? Absolutely not.
I slept until like ten (Toronto time - I rationalized it being ok because it was Toronto time. It would have only been nine here in Texas...)
When I finally pulled my ass out of bed, Lola informed me that I needed to get all ready to go since she had a big day planned for us. A big day that would involve a LOT of walking.
So I grabbed a quick shower and threw on some clothes and we were off.
Now this day started off in a way no day in my life had ever started off before: we walked to the bus stop.
I know that may not sound like a big deal to you people who live somewhere that there is public transportation, but for this little country girl - totally weird.
We walk like two blocks to the bus stop and Lola is being such a doll and answering all of my ridiculous questions like:
"So your busses run all the time?"
"So you really don't need a car?"
"Is that a mail box?" - It was totally this cool thing that they have on like every block in Toronto where you put your trash. But it's separated into three different compartments so you can recycle.
toronto recycling

"Do you have to bring all your trash to the recycling receptacles or will they pick it up at your house?"

We rode the bus for like, I don't know, six blocks where it dropped us off at the entrance to the subway.
Now people: I have never been on a subway before. I've never seen a subway. Never even been in a town that sports a subway (to my knowledge). So I was a total subway virgin. But I was so psyched that I was like a subway virgin on prom night. A subway virgin on prom night with the key to my very own hotel room in my purse.
We walk down the stairs and into this labyrinth of stairwells and hallways. If it hadn't been for Lola, I'd have been immediately lost and probably would have ended up huddled in a corner sobbing hysterically asking people to please direct me back to where there is sun. But she knew exactly where we needed to go and when we needed to get off the train. I felt like the only person on the subway who was afraid she would fly out of her seat every time the train started or stopped. Everyone else is all reading or "sleeping" like their center of gravity is totally in tune with the train and I just forgot to set mine to "Sudden Stop" & "Sudden Start".
"Is the subway free?"
"But if the bus drops you off at the 'I already paid the bus driver and can get on the subway for free' stop and it's totally open to anyone, don't people just walk up and get on the subway for free all the time?"
I wanted so. very. badly. to take subway pictures. But I couldn't bring myself to be that girl on the subway from Smalltown, Texas.
Not in The Land of Cool People.
So here are some pics I didn't take. Someone who was lucky enough to be on the train alone and who didn't have to look like a loser took this one:
Toronto Subway

Here is a map of all the stops, we got on at Woodbine:

One last one:
toronto subway

We got off of the train downstairs at the Eaton Center Centre.
It's pretty cool to get off the subway train, walk up some stairs and be in an effing mall. Lola told me where we were and I kinda just stood there looking at her like uhm, where? as I hadn't done my All The Cool Places In Toronto research. Which I am certain Lola does before she takes any trips because she is an Uber Awesome Traveling Chic and I am Holy Crap, A Subway! Girl. :) Which is one of the many reasons why we love Lola.
Here is Lola sitting in front of The Eaton Centre Fountain:

And here I am, standing in front of forty real life size Canadian Geese that are suspended from the ceiling being a total tourist:

Once we were outside, we were in Downtown Toronto:


There was this beautiful building and when I asked Lola what in the world such an unbelievably gorgeous building could possibly be used for? She said - their courthouse. Now I totally have Toronto Courthouse Envy:

I so totally want to post EVERY picture I took, but they are all on my flickr site if you want to see them all, so just one more of the adorable Lola hugging the Hug Me tree:

After all that walking, Lola and I stopped and had lunch at an outdoor patio restaurant where we had the dingiest waitress in the world who was also the sweetest chic. I can't remember the name of the place and I know Lola is rolling her eyes as she reads this right now :) Sorry! But it was lovely. And while we were sitting there, the news anchor woman for the station that Lola hates hopped out of a car and did a little clip standing ten yards from us.

We popped in and out of some stores before heading back to Lola's house to rest and get ready to go out on the town.
And holy crap, we went out on the town.

I'd like to put a little disclaimed right here: Due to the fact that Canada is allowed to put far more alcohol into their beverages than we Americans are, I cannot take responsibility for any idiotic things I may or may not have done (due to my inability to remember them all). Complaint letters should be addressed to the Toronto Government as it was their decision to give me twice the alcohol content in all of my drinks.

Lola's friend Kiki came over and we sat around drinking and eating snacks (which included this amazing Indian bread that I can't find ANY where here and am so very very bummed about) and talking for a few hours before actually getting dressed and hitting The Bier Markt.
Do ya'll remember Slutty Make-Up Saturdays? Well, we can add Jeans and Skanky Top Fridays to that :)
I can honestly say that after an hour or so, I had more than enough to drink so this is going to be a picture recap:

Kiki - I SO love this pic because the dude in the background had NO idea that we were taking pics and just happened to be flipping up his collar...

Boys who asked not be on Facebook. This isn't Facebook. The guy in the sweater? Yum.

Lola & Kiki being cute as pie.

Lola & Me: redheads looking for trouble.

See? You can tell I've had too much to drink because I look like I'm looking for trouble, like I'm just daring someone to come over and say hello:

Now the question becomes Did I find trouble?
Yup. I so did.
Apparently I spent some time making out with a boy who said he was a doctor.
The cool thing about Toronto is that people can just go out and make out and move on. There isn't this whole need to pursue more than that or need to talk again. Lola has said to me, more than once, "I just want to go out and make out with someone and then come home." And I always thought that sounded so weird because here, there is more than that. There is all that pre-making out stuff. In Toronto? No pre-making out stuff.
But all of that happened once I'd had much to much to drink so the details of the whole encounter are fuzzy :)
Drinks, dancing and making out were followed by food and water at some place I absolutely do not remember the name of and barely remember even being at and then back to Lola's where I over-tipped the cab driver and fell fast asleep, after drunk-texting Snow, at three something.

It was one hell of a Friday.


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