Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Interview with Amanda: Day before braces
Ok Amanda, I need to interview you for my blog.
Why do you need to interview me for your blog?

Because you are getting braces tomorrow…
Oh ok.
--Don't you love how she is just cool with it? hehehehe

It needs to be documented for prosperity…
I see.

So, how are you feeling about tomorrow?
I’m feeling good. Not the fact that I have to get braces, but before I get them you are taking me to breakfast and afterwards you are taking me to get new shoes.
--Aww, all about the Mommy Time :) I'm taking the day off to hang out with her.

What do you think will be the worst part?
The braces part.

Ok, duh. But what about them?
*laughing*The tightening, when they tighten them.

Have any of your friends told you about having braces?
I know a long time ago when Adrianna got hers she said it hurt a lot and she had to chew flavored wax dots and stick them to the roof of her mouth because there were scars. But Jon said it wasn't that bad so I’m confused.
--I've not heard about this wax stuff, we're going to have to ask her orthodontist-who-looks-like-Brendan-Frazier tomorrow.

Do you think you will like ANY part of having braces?
The color part, where we get to pick what color rubber bands to put on them.
--We're all about the accessories.

Are you excited about your teeth being straight when you’re done?
Um sure I guess.
--A little over four thousand dollars and she guesses she might be excited.

Do you think it will affect your ability to play your flute?
Um, probably not. Mississippi has braces and she plays the flute and she plays pretty good...
If you want to know how to spell “Mississippi” I can tell you.

Really, Amanda? You think I can't spell "Mississippi"?
Yeah. *laughing*

Do you think you will smile with your teeth once your braces are off?
Nope. I think it feels weird.
--She never smiles with her teeth any more.

What do you mean?
When I smile with my teeth, it feels weird.

Because of how it feels, like your mouth or because you feel weird showing your teeth when you smile?
Because I don’t know how to smile with my teeth, I look evil and scary.
--She does look a little evil when she smiles with her teeth...

Maybe you could practice?
I tried that once when I was little.

You used to smile with your teeth when you were little....
Probably because I barely had teeth when I was little.

All right, would you like to add anything.
This was an interesting moment.
--For me as well.

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