Monday, January 30, 2006
a puppy
Amanda will be ten in November. I know that seems like a long time from now, but seeing as I don't have the best instincts when it comes to picking gifts for my children, I figure now is as good a time as any to start brainstorming.
Yes, I know Trin and Emilee have birthdays in May.
Shut up.

Anyway, it occurred to me that Amanda may finally be old enough for a dog.
Not like a big ass dog, but something little. But not a chiuaua... er... chiwawa... (thank goodness for spell checker!) chihuahua. I don't much care for them. I don't want some little thing that will yip because I want her to be able to keep it inside most of the time.

I started looking online and found some great adoption sites for saved dogs in my general area. At first I just assumed that all places were going to more or less be the same and I needed to just find a breed I liked and then pick a place. But, with a little clicking, I found all kinds of gnarly disgusting pictures of mutilated animals being raised by so-called "breeders" and buckets of animal carcasses and collars embedded in poor animal necks... It was awful.
There are horror stories every where.
Poor animals.
So, I am thinking that I should probably look into adopting a small rescued dog for Amanda and my only real stipulations will be that it is a young adult, housebroken (as in doesn't use my home for a bathroom and that it doesn't chew all our shit to hell and back) and able to be around kids.
Someone asked me yesterday if I wanted a "Fraser Dog" and I am thinking no. I don't want something that is going to bounce off the damn walls. I have three kids for that.
You know what I want? I want the older dog from Lady and the Tramp. You know, the one with the Scottish accent? Yup, I want him.
Amanda just loves animals. Not in a "hug him and squeeze him and love him" way either. She really wants to be a vet. She goes and helps Fairy out at the vet clinic where she works every other Saturday. She loves all animals and I think that having one as a companion will be good for her. Plus I think that she is finally old enough to handle the responsibility of caring for one.
So, dear readers, tell me about your dogs. Tell me the good and the bad. I have until November to pick something or change my mind and buy her Jesse McCartney instead...

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