Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Acrophobic Humpday: The Friendship Edition
****added: OMFG, am I the only one being innundated with spammer comments from these housecleaning people? I turned WV back on for like twenty minutes and BAM! twenty comments! That's un-fucking-real. Anyway, I'm sorry guys, but you will have to play with the WV on today. I'll give out extra points or something for being tolerable. If you want, just use the letters WV gave you as the next set for the game. I am really sorry about this, but I have almost a hundred spammer comments to delete.
ps. Does anyone know how the hell they leave spammer comments without actually showing up as a hit on your statcounter?

Are you looking at this post wondering if you have entered some realm of The Twighlight zone were blog posts make no sense? If so, scroll to the bottom and all will be revealed.
For those of you who have done this once or twice:
Scoring today is the lottery version. I am picking five from each of the last two weeks and then I will award a "power ball". Points will be twenty for each of the lotto picks and then twenty five for each of the power balls.
Scoreboard is here.
Got your tickets ready? Let's go.

I'm too busy...
...(for) Whiny insulent ninny craphead Executives. (The Girl)
...(for) Silly Underaged college kids sarcasm (KaraMia)
...(to) Yell "Everyone Acro Right Now!" (TuxBaby)
...(to) Find Extra Time Inside Short Holidays (madigan)
...Kissing In Deep, Needy Excitable Yearnings... (Jim C) [I'm not either!)
...Wondering If Captain Kangaroo Ever Decomposed? (Grend31)

Ok, the next set was fucking awesome. Some of the best acros ever... with the exception of a few misplaces elf acros... but I digress ;)

I'm so tired of...
...Only Really Getting Aroused Seeing Men (devilgyrl) [This is something that I am somehow just not tired of... much to Madi's disappointment I think.]
...Hearing asses unleash nightly toots! (kari) [kari? I think I love you. This made me lmao.]
...Seeing Everyone Acro Slowly, Omitting Necessary Speed (TuxBaby) [you knew this was a point scoring acro didn't cha?]
...Selfish Unfeeling Macho Men Ending Relationships (The Girl)
...Talking In Rhymes Every Day (Yoda) [I didn't realize this was an issue for you!]
[and the powerball goes to Karamia for this lovely duo] over using sex enuendos.
...quiet upchuck inside closed kisses [uh -- eeew]

And with that, another round of scoring has commenced.
Now, on to the theme.
This week's theme, should you choose to participate in the theme, will be:
"You are my friend because you..."

Last thing I wanted to mention is that the word verification is going to be on until tomorrow morning. I'm sure crazysilver will send me an email at 7:00am my time to remind me to "turn the fucking WV off!" The reason I am not turning it off right now is because there are evil spammer bots about that hit me with almost fifty! yes, fiifty! spammer comments. I can't even say fifty! without the exclamation point because fifty! is ever so fucking slightly excessive.

Don't know what Acrophobia is? Well, click that button and find out.
Then you can play with us.
You know you want to. Everyone's doing it.


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