Monday, February 27, 2006
Ok, I can't be that girl.
Forget girl, I can't be that person.
I can't be the kind of person who is seriously looking on ebay for these.
And not out of neccesity since it is almost Spring, but for FUN. Because I actually think it is CUTE. It all started with the one I got last night, which I will have to take a picture of when I get home so you can see what I am talking about.
Poor Chica.
***edited to add these two links so you will know what the hell I was talking about up there :)

Humiliation #1

Humiliation #2
In other news, I abandoned the Olympics for
The Da Vinci Code this weekend. I was picking up some language cds at the library because my mother suddenly wants to learn Spanish. So, I can put the cds on her Ipod and voila! I ended up getting Spanish, Italian and French and I can now have a very rudimentary conversation in Italian.
(I had to look up all the spelling...)

Buon giorn
obwon zhor-no
Hello / Good morning/afternoon


Grazie (mille)
graht-zee-eh (mee-leh)
Thank you (very much)

Scusi / Scusa
skoo-zee / skoo-zah
Excuse me (formal / informal)

Come sta? / Come stai?
koh-meh stah / koh-meh sty
How are you? (formal / informal)

Sì / No
see / noh
Yes / No

Signore, Signora, Signorina
seen-yoh-reh, seen-yoh-rah, seen-yoh-reen-ah
Mister, Misses, Miss

Capisce? / Capisci?
kah-pee-sheh / kah-pee-shee
Do you understand? (formal / informal)

[Non] capisco.
[non] kah-pees-koh
I [don't] understand.
(this is probably the only thing I needed to learn.)

I learned how to say 'Do you speak English/Italian?' and 'American' so I can say 'I am American' if I ever go to Italy and they can spit on me... and I can now officially lie in Italian ('I understand a little Italian.')
That's pretty much it. But, the cd set is awesome. Thirty minute lessons and if you didn't get it all you start over. And the announcer dude is constantly quizzing you. He'll be teaching you something and then he will ask you how to say one of the phrases from the last lesson and you have to summon it up in your brain.

It's amazing how close to Spanish it is and while I don't speak Spanish, I do live in right next to San Antonio and I grew up around plenty of people who do speak Spanish, so I know enough to order a beer in a Mexican bar and how to say hello and how are you.

That was a HUGE off topic there, I was talking about The Da Vinci Code, which kicked an insane amount of ass. I listened to the whole thing in like 24 hours and was handcuffed to my cd player until it was over. It was fabulous and if you haven't read it, go get it now!
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