Monday, February 13, 2006
Weekend Recap
Let's see...

I helped Fairy assemble her 30,000 piece entertainment center.
Things learned:
*The people in China have invented a new little wrench thingy. It's essentially the same except it is shaped like a retarded question mark instead of the little 'L' looking thing from before.
*When putting together a black entertainment center with black screws, do not wait until it is dark outside unless the entire area will be lit up with 100watt light bulbs. At one point, ten minutes was spent looking for a screw that jumped onto the floor.
*You can actually use all the pieces. This is the first time ever that I have assembled one of these things and not had several screws/nails/bolt thingys left over.
*Those big flat circle screw things that pop into the holes? I had no fucking idea that you were supposed to turn those after you inserted the screw. Which would explain why all of the things I've assembled fell apart when I tried to move them.

2. I got my ass kicked at pool by both my mother and Teacher Boy. What's sad is that he said he hadn't played in three years and my mom was trying to let me win so I wouldn't look bad.
The only games I won were by default.

3. I took Emilee to baseball tryouts only to learn that since she wants to be on her best friends team that we came at the wrong time and for the wrong tryouts. They were trying to get her to tryout for softball, but she wants to play with Austin and he is going to play t-ball this year. Emilee is at the last year allowed for t-ball.
She was very bummed. Fortunately we can go next Saturday at nine so all was not lost.

4. Isoldoutandgotamyspaceaccount.
No. I didn't say anything...
Ok. Fine. Let's get this out of the way.
Yes, I am a sheep.
But, in my defense, I did score
these bitching seat covers from my brother for selling out. And I am not blogging on there.
I'm not.
In fact, I am not even linking that with this. I joined myspace with my real name and a different email address. So, they aren't connected.
Also, I have no idea how to use it. I filled in the profile info and interests (it was all very yahoo personals) and then I was tapped. My sister had to show me how to accept her as a friend. It's like highschool "So how many friend do you have on myspace? Only 472,453? Oh, that's ok. Just keep posting and one day you will have 1,587,269 like me!"
I don't know how to google anyone on there... or even the proper way to say "google anyone on there." See? How much of a sell out can you be if you don't even know the lingo?

5. I had a little brush with fame this weekend. I commented on this really wonderful photo that one of my contacts had taken on flickr. Under the photo, there was a link to the guy's (in the picture) website. So, I left a comment saying that the picture was awesome and I was going to go check out the website.I opened the site and saw that the guy from the photo was a musician. I hadn't heard of him and I was on dialup so not really in to the whole poking around thing. About thirty minutes later, I see that the guy who was in the photo had added me as a contact. Then he emailed me. I wrote him back saying thanks for adding me and that I would explore his site some more on Monday when I had a T1 line at my disposal.After I sent the email, I went and read his bio on his website. And do you know what it said? "...former member of Buckcherry and The Wallflowers..."

6. I made my plans to go to the coast on the 24th. I am in desperate need of some beach time. I got a beyond awesome deal on the room and I am loading everything up and taking off on the 24th and coming home on the 26th. I'll post the other, more specific details, when I get back. I haven't been since this trip. The Cake Lady was supposed to go with me but they are going to wait. So it will just be me and the girls and my mom. But there is a heated pool! And in the realm of trips to take, I am HOPING I can go to Austin next month during SXSW. I REALLY want to see The Trews and they are supposed to be playing.
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