Monday, April 03, 2006
The joke was on me.
Oh man, what a weekend.
I knew that it was going to be crazy and busy and fucking really crazy, but... wow.

Saturday morning, my alarm went off at six and I rolled out of bed trying to remember the last time I had just stayed asleep until I woke up instead of to the wail of an alarm clock. The girls were waking up when I went into their room and talking excitedly about the fact that it was opening day. I don't think any of us ate anything. We tiptoed around getting ready so as not to wake Triniti. (We were leaving her there with my sister since she has apparently decided that being psycho in public is fun.)
At 7:30am we loaded into the car and headed to the baseball fields for the opening ceremonies. We were apparently running just ever so slightly ahead of the other parents and the only reason I know this is because I got a killer parking spot :) The opening cermonies were to start at 8:00 and of course ran a little late. At 8:45 I snatched my girls from their team and promised to be back at 11:45 for the pictures. We got home and I cleaned the girls room, the kitchen and the bathroom and did three loads of laundry. I was about to clean out my car when the coach called and said that the pictures were running ahead and could we come back now (11:10). Loaded the girls back up (Trin included this time) and went to do pictures. And Trin, true to her decision, was a raving lunatic.
Back home. We had lunch and I started cleaning my room and getting everything ready that I would need for later that night. Also, charged my camera, the video camera and my cell phone. The girls took off their 9000% polyester uniforms in an attempt to cool off and watched The Brothers Grimm. We had to be back at 2:00 so that I could work the concession stand sweet shop (I work the concession stand this Tuesday).
The girls game started at 2:30pm and I was through selling cookies and brownies and rice fucking crispie treats at 3:00pm. I ran (ok, I didn't actually run. I never run. Unless I am being chased... and even then...) over to my car and got the digital camera and the camcorder and went to go sit with The Cake Lady and her kiddos and watch my kids play softball. The Cake Lady and I had both had dreams the night before that Saturday was already over. Totally April Fools joke on ourselves.
We got our asses kicked people. Kicked. 15 to nadda. But Amanda tagged someone out and hit the ball every time she batted. Those little girls from the other town were just fucking good. And they were all like nine and ten and our team is mostly six through eight (except Amanda and one other girl who are both nine).
A whole bunch of the girls were bummed. My girls? Well, Emilee just wanted various forms of sugar from the concession stand and Amanda was down right pissed that some other kid took her hat visor and now she had a "disgusting" one (that she would. not. wear.)
Ahhhh, drama.
So, thankful to have the first half of my Saturday behind me, I took the girls home and got them changed out of their fucking snow suit of a baseball outfit and into shorts and t-shirts. I told Amanda we would get her damn hat back come hell or highwater as long as she stopped crying. Then, I threw all of their stuff in the trunk so I could drop them off over at Fairy's house overnight.
And here is where all of my best laid and prearranged plans started falling to shit.
The Cake Lady and her husband wouldn't be able to go
the function I mentioned a few posts ago and with them my date (door #1). So, I was tore. Did I still want to go to said function or should I blow it off and just go to TCL's house and chill out there.
-insert here the calling of Jiffinner who never out right said I had to go, but had that sound in her voice like you fucking made ME rsvp and now you are talking about bailing? Bitch.-
So, I went.
Ok, not really alone. I mean, Jiffinner and The Bear were there and so was pretty much every one else I work with. I had the two (five dollar) drinks that my (twelve one dollar) drink tickets would buy me and then two more that were from a couple of salesmen and then watched Jiffinner and The Bear play blackjack until I was bored out of my skull. I gave my two thousand dollars in chips to The Bachelor and split.
Drove to The Cake Lady's house and thank goodness I did because people, The Cake Lady for the first time in the EIGHT years she and I have been friends, was drunk.
"But Khhate, itsss jusss bcuz I haven't had thish musch alkhol in a reeeallly long time!"
It was fucking awesome.
Snakeman was there for those of you who were wondering (ahem- or emailing). He officially won the award for The Most Mixed Signals of Any Singular Evening Weekend. I don't get the boy. He is very touchy feely and sits by me and talks to me and acts interested in me, but then: the hug. The hug?

People, I have not been laid since some time in fucking December.
And I am getting The Hug.
Notice: Not The Sex.
So, when I left, after two of The Hugs, I went to Fairy's house to pick up my girls. I figured it would be way easier to get them then rather than get up and drive over there the next morning and have Amanda back by 9:30 so she could be picked up by her best friend ("she just got a new horse Mommy! Another one!"). And since the house I had so painstakingly gotten every one out of was not going to be put to good use it may as well have kids in it.
I even cleaned my room.
And made up my bed.
Anyway, I get over to Fairy's and there is mad drama one road over as TMFMD was having a fucking huge fight with his new girlfriend. And since I had nothing else going on, I sat on Fairy's steps for about an hour and half and listened with her while we gossiped.
I rolled in at 3:00am and carried all of my girls in and put them in their beds.
Then slept until exactly nine thirty.
Amanda's ride was there at nine forty five and I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching the free showtime weekend and rehydrating my body.
Number of drinks: 7
Number of drunk dials: 0

Then, last night while I am on the phone with the girls softball coach, my cell phone rings. I flip it open and what does the caller ID say?
What the fuck?
But I got The Hug.
We talked for forty five minutes and I got the Ex Girlfriend Story. You know the one. The story about the ex that fucked you up the most? Yeah, that one. It was followed by "so now you know why I am so fucked up, but I am doing a lot better..."
What does that mean? Was that an explanation for The Hug? Or just like a hey, I'm a mess in general?
The call ended with him asking me to "give him a call..." Um, ok.
Men? You guys suck ok?
Do you see us over here just scratching our heads thinking 'what the fuck does that mean?' You guys can take all of your 'women over analyze' crap and shove it up your asses. I got The Hug and then a call the next day? And that is supposed to make sense?
At least next weekend will be free of The Man Confusion. Just all of us chics watching The Girl get married :)
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