Sunday, April 23, 2006
What did you call me?
I almost titled that "so, I met a guy" but then realized I had already used that title :)
But I did.
Meet a guy.
I actually met him last month but didn't really get to talk to him or anything because of the situation but I saw him again yesterday and sparks flew.
Which is really kick ass since I haven't had sparks of any kind in awhile.
And yesterday was the first time ever that I have been paranoid enough to wonder if maybe he has read my blog.
Crazy right?
I couldn't help it.
I know that about 25% of my hits are various IP addresses in San Antonio. But I have never wondered that before. Probably because I usually can't shut up long enough to leave out the fact that I blog. Because I am proud of my blog you know? Anyway, in past cases I have mentioned my blog and not given anything specific enough to find me and been found anyway or given them my blog straight out and this time I trying the whole not telling him thing.
This is actually to ya'll's benefit since I will be able to blog everything.
But, I can't help but wonder if one of those IP addresses is already his.
Paranoid right?
I mean, it isn't like I am dooce []. It's not like my blog gets five thousand hits a day and I have a half a million links to me. I'm just me. And there are quite a few of you out there who read me daily and I mostly know who you are because after seeing your IP addresses or that you clicked on your blog to get to mine, I mostly know my readers. But the one's I know make up less than half of the hits I get. Then there are the ones that come on like once a month or just blog hop in and never come back so it is really impossible for me to know exactly who is reading.
Do you remember that movie (I am without internet while writing this so bear with me, I can't google) where the guy breaks into the house and steals the trunk and then gets it home and opens it and finds all of the journals from the actress and he reads them all and then becomes her perfect man by doing the things she writes about wants? Yeah.
The odds that this guy has my blog are slim to none, but it's still a thought.
Anyway, I can hear you guys saying "shut up already and get on with the info on the MAN" so here we go:
Ok, so I didn't post about this here because it was such a minor thing. Last month, I went to pick up some food that I had ordered and when I was walking out to my car afterwards this guy was walking towards me and he stopped about ten feet away and said "Well, *good* morning." You know *that* way where they are so obviously into you. I smiled at him and said good morning and then had to keep walking because the dude that was carrying my box of stuff was behind me.
Before I left, I went back and talked to one of the moms that I know for about ten minutes and this really cute guy (who was wearing a volunteer fire dept. t-shirt) is smiling at me. He waved twice but there wasn't really much I could do since he was helping people carry their stuff and I couldn't just hang around the parking lot all day.
So, I got that little burst of energy that can only come from being hit on by a firefighter and then moved on.
Anyway, yesterday, one month later, was the day to go and pick up the food you had ordered again. I thought he might be there since he had been there the month before. I threw on a little make up but was still in my jeans and t-shirt and I left the girls home with my sister.
When I got there, there were only like four or five cars in the parking lot and I didn't see anyone outside. I went in and handed my receipt to the lady who takes them and she I talked for a few minutes while she checked to make sure my receipt matched the order. Then she tells me that I need to give it to the person sitting at another table and she holds it up for me to take. And then, over my shoulder comes this arm which snatches up the peice of paper. I turn around and it's him. He smiles at me and starts walking across the room. About half way across, he looks over his shoulder at me and smiles again.
Picture your favorite blogger swooning right here. This guy has a great smile.
He enlisted the help of one of the kids there since I had to pick up not only the stuff I had ordered but also Fairy's stuff. Then they follow me out to my car. Half way to the car he says "is that your shampoo or your perfume?" I laughed and said it was my shampoo and he says, "well it smells really good."
Oh yeah? An aside: I finally found a store that carries my shampoo again instead of that Herbal Essences crap I have been using for the last two months. Moving on.
I open my trunk and cute boy moves one of the two boxes I had in there over and lets the little boy put the box he's holding into my trunk. (Which gets rid of little boy...) Cute boy puts the other boxes in and then closes the trunk. I said "thanks." And he says "no problem" and then starts walking away. He gets to my passenger side door and turns around and says "Hey, what's your name?" I said, "Kate" and he tell me his name. I said something like well it's nice to meet you. And then he turns around and takes a few more steps and turns back when he gets to the front of my car and stops and smiles at me again.
And let me tell you ladies, this boy can SMILE.
*pant pant*
So, I said, "Ok, come here." And he walks over and I reach into my purse and grab a business card. Man was I nervous. I realized when I handed him the card that I was shaking. I don't shake. Or at least I haven't in a very long time.
He looked at it and sends me another bone-melting smile. I said something like "ok, I'm going now" and laughed and he asks me if I know where some place is. I told him no and I hadn't ever heard of it. He says that it's right down the road and I told him I don't really come into this town much (I live the next town over.) Then he says he doesn't really either because he lives in San Antonio. While we were talking, I had been looking for a pen and I had found one so I asked him to hand me the card back. He handed it to me and I started to write my cell on the back and I asked him, "Hey, were you here last month?" which I totally knew that he was and he said, "yes and I remember you." I handed him the card back and he is just SMILING at me. Man. So, he says he'll call and I said bye and left.
I was not even out of the parking lot and I am so doing the girl squeal, lol.
I kicked myself for not having brought my camera with me so I could get a shot of him but then I thought, what the fuck was I going to say? "Hey, could you smile? I just need a picture for my blog. Thanks!"

Last night, he calls. No guy-time there. Which is cool since between Teacher Boy and Snakeman, I am sick to death of waiting by the goddamn phone for these guys to call sporadically or five days later. This dude actually calls me the same day I gave him my number!! So, I answer and he asks for me and tells me who it is and then after like 45 seconds, he says, "Kate, before this goes any further, I have to ask you something."
I am thinking, *great, the first bite I have had in MONTHS and he is going to say something like "are you into transsexuals?" or "do third nipples freak you out?" or "I have a tail."*
I said ok and he says "How afraid of kids are you?"
I laughed and told him he had just stolen my line.
He says, "I just need to be completely upfront here. I have three kids. My oldest son lives in California with his mother and I get him a few times a year, but my two younger children live with me and I have sole custody. I just want to make sure this is ok before we go any further."
I told him it was ok, that I have three kids as well. And then I told him that I needed to tell *him* something. I explained to him that it is nothing personal but I don't introduce guys to my kids. Period. I told him how Amanda & Emilee have been without a father for six years and they want one too badly for me to be bringing guys through my house. He said he understood and (get this) he feels the same way. Said that the mom to his younger two has been completely absent for five years.
He is/was in the army. Did 18 months in Iraq and then got out in January. He is a Medic (which is going to be his name here btw) and says he is getting back in the army right now. He says that once he is in, he is going back to school for two years to get his Masters and become a physician (I think...)
In the meantime, he is helping out a friend of his moms at her garage. He is also a mechanic. Oh and he is 33.
Now, when I left the place yesterday and immediately called Lola to do the girl-squeal thing with her, she asked me how old her was and I tried to guess his age, this guy could have been twenty and I wouldn't have been surprised. He does not look 33.
I have to admit, I don't think I have ever traded as much info on a first phone call as he and I did.
At one point, we are talking and he says "Kate, I have to tell you, I just think you are really sexy." I laughed and said "thank you."
Did you seriously just say I was “sexy”?
I was trying to remember the last time someone had accused me of even being cute…
He also said something about loving my hair, which Snow thought was hilarious since she said that is what she would have guessed he liked.
And then he says, "I hope I am not being too forward but I don't know if it is my age or having been in the military but when I see something I want, I just go for it. When I saw you last month I just knew I had to talk to you."
He went on to say that he is very honest and blunt and if he is thinking something he is going to say it.
No games.
And then he told me that he wants to see me.
When can he see me?
He wanted to do something Sunday but I told him I was already swamped on Sunday and it wasn't an option. I then told him that one of the biggest issues with trying to date me is that I am strapped for time. He said he is the same way and it wouldn't be an issue.
He said he would call by Tuesday
Ok, I know, long ass post. It would have been divided up if I had the internet at home. But it looks like I’ve fried my modem.
I’ll be back online tomorrow
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