Monday, January 26, 2009
The last few days...
January 12
Another one of my blonde moments

Around 2:10pm today (figuring i was 10 min. late to my neuroanatomy class) I walk in to a full room of about 40 students who all look right at me like I am just the rudest person ever for disrupting their o-so-fun lecture. I am still jamming to disturbed on my mp3 player and just minding my own business, finding a place to sit in the overcrowded room. I spot a seat all the way in the back way in the corner, so I squeeze my way through the whole row of people, bumping them in the head with my purse I am sure, lol. I finally get to my seat, make a loud noise sitting down and getting all my stuff out....when reality hits. I stare ahead in disbelief as I realize...the professor that was teaching definetely wasnt mine unless he had a sex change and shrunk a foot..."HOLY FUCKING SHIT I AM IN THE WRONG CLASS" OMG So I thought, well maybe its a sub, so I look at the people in the room...I didnt recognize anyone! So I kept my cool....all while thinking of a plan to GET out of there without looking even more like an idiot. So I ask the chick sitting next to me when the class lets out and she says 3:45.."AHHHHHHHH" No way I am not sitting thru some class that isnt even MINE for 2 hours! So I get up and dodge all the people in the row again this time saying sorry everytime my purse hit one of them, and ran out the door, down the elevator and out to my car. I felt like the biggest dumb ass ever. So what do I do...Call Kate and tell her my blonde moment so she can laugh at me, and post it on the internet so everyone can know what an idiot I can be sometimes. LOL so what was I doing in the wrong class u ask...well...see I have neuroanatomy on mondays in that room at that time, and all my other classes on mondays go on wednesdays too so I "assumed" that this class was the same way, but...obviously not.


Maybe I should have dyed my hair blonde so I would have an excuse for this sillyness

January 13 A morning in the life of Veronique

8:15 am - Alarm beeps its HORRIBLY annoying insane beep

8:17 am - Veronique stumbles out of bed and hits snooze

8:22 am - Alarm beeps AGAIN...just as annoying as the first time

8:24 am- Veronique squints to look at the time...stumbles out of bed with her eyes still closed and re-sets the alarm for 15 min. later

8:40 am- Alarm beeps once again

8:41 am- Veronique makes a horribly annoyed face, kicks the air and screams "NO!" then drags herself to the alarm once again while thinking of a good excuse not to get ready in the 20 min she has left to be in her car and on the way to school.

8:43 am- Veronique thinks of a good excuse (altho she cant remember what it was now, LOL) , turns OFF the alarm, and jumps back into her cozy bed.

9:10 am- Phone rings....Grrrrrrr

9:12 am- Veronique picks up the phone and mumbles "hello?" Kate screams back "GIRL you better be getting up cuz Emilee is sick today, i had to call into work, and I am bored....DONT you have class anyways? GET UP GET UP GET UP!!!"

9:13 am- A minute of silence as Veronique slowly crawls out of the still asleep phase

9:14 am- Veronique squints at the clock again and screams sleepily "HEATHER DAMNIT! its 9:15!" followed by Kates "oh you are so lazy" laugh

9:14 am - 11:10 am - YES thats right, Kate kept Veronique on the phone for 2 hours untill she sounded awake enough not to fall back asleep. But what Kate didnt know is that Veronique was FAKING awakeness....yes thats right, heehehehe

11:11 am ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1:00 pm- Phone rings......Veronique-"Hello?" Kate "OMG! were you SLEEPING AGAIN!?!"

...........Ummm........YUP.... sure was........

Have a great day everyone,


January 15 Grodyness... is that a word?

Well I made it home safe, kinda surprising considering I was still drunk when I woke up this morning. If I hadent had the most discusting grodey feeling all over my body and the desperate need for a shower then I probably wouldnt have driven home so early, but I NEEDED a shower. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that there was salt stuck to my scalp because of some freako-guy's obsession with throwing salt on people's heads and then running off giggling and snickering to ok? They offered to let me take one there, but considering the fact that there was a line of about 5 guys waiting to take one already, I passed. Come on...we all know what goes on in the shower after a long night of getting wasted and not getting laid...ew!

Well like I said I did make it home safe. With only 45 cents might I add( It takes at least 1.50 to take the tollway) and of course I refused to take the highway( thats a wasted 30 minutes damnit!) Yup thats right, I had to gamble with the toll booth guys, putting on my pout face (granted, i looked like total shit, but it was worth the try anyways) and saying....awwwww I only have 5 cents! damnit! Two out of the three guys I had to pass threw in the rest for me and told me to have a great day, the last guy said "well throw some pennies in there(you are never ever supposed to throw pennies in there), the alarm will go off but its cool, i'll handle it. I was like WTF? Alarm? Come on dont have any change? *pout face* Well....I musta really looked shitty by then cuz he just stared at I threw my pennies into the bin and took off thru the red light...I never heard an alarm...grr fucker.

SO then I get home, starting to feel the hangover kick in....Urghhhhh Now i remember why I dont drink often. All I was thinking about all morning was taking a shower and crashing out on my bed, but it didnt happen exactly how I planned. I was about to step into my shower when I was overcome with more discustingness. How are you supposed to wash off grodyness in a grody shower?! So I get out the comet thats been sitting on my counter for a week (thanks Kate!!) and my shower is clean. And I am not talking about the half assed kinda clean know...the only clean my apartment usually sees, LOL, nope...this is the *scrubbing the shit out of it on your hands and knees* kinda clean. AAAHhhhhhhhh I can finally see the white sparkly bathtub again...YaY! Gooooo COMET!!

Now some weirdness about last night. Theres always some weirdness that goes on everyday in my life, LOL. It follows me. Anyways, besides the weirdo salt guy, I woke up this morning with bruises. and I am not talking a couple either, no...i have at least 5 that I know of, in the weirdest places! Now, yes I was drunk last night, but not THAT drunk, I mean i might not remember everything in detail but I would remember getting beat up so WTF? A part of me just really doesnt want to know.

There were mostly guys at this party and then a couple cool chicks that i liked, but then these two girly girls show up. Now...people tell me that I am a girly girl...but after this I feel closer to being a guy than I do a girly girl. They drove me nuts to the point where I grabbed Chris(the guy that invited me) and pulled him into another room so that I could be a nice as possible while telling him I was taking off because these chicks were driving me to insaneness. Of course they were the life of the party at that point because they were cute as all hell (i will give them that) but while all the guys were sitting back drooling and having their fantasies about them I was sitting back thinking "OMG can you be any more ditzy?" and "thank g I have a brain and respect for myself" Anways, Chris made me stay and promised to get rid of them..and sure enough they were gone within the hour.

Towards the end of the night (well actually early morning) about 9 of us were all sitting around in the living room talking about well...who would have quessed --"god" or in my case, the lack of one....and all of a sudden out of nowhere some little bible thumper boy looks right at me and says "Wow, you have great skin!" So everyone turns and looks at him and then me and the room fills with silence, like "omg i cannot believe that bible boy just complimented the satan worshipper" LOL whatever, I was like "Awww thanks sweetie", got up and walked away from that madness.

The End.....Thank Goodness....the madness will continue when I go back tonight..if I go back tonight....LOL probably not


OH YAH! Someone told me I had a JLo ASS! WTF?! Then again...thats the same guy that was jumping over people all night, running to the front door, looking thru the window, and saying, "Whatever you do, don't open the door for ANYONE!" like someone was out to get him. LOL oh that was hilarious..I was giggling into my pillow everytime he came out for the first couple times...after that it just got horribly annoying

January 16
Guys with sexy voices

Okay....what is it about guys that can sing?! Aaahhhhhhhh my goodness I just cant resist them. Now...when they look about sixteen I can, which was the case last night, LOL...I am just playing! I am not about to go jump on a guy just because he can sing, but I am always the one playing their stuff over and over and telling them how awesome it is, if its good of course. Maybe its because I so wish I could sing, i think its awesome...and I really cant, LOL, Or maybe its because you can learn so much from a person through their music. I really dont know, but music is great.

Sex (i dunno why we call him sex, but thats what I have been calling him so its stayin that way, lol) was in the backseat of my car last night and I had his cd playing and I liked it so I told him that I thought it was awesome, no big deal right? Well he didnt say anything for a min so i looked back there in my rearview mirror and he looked right back at me and says "You know, I cant tell you how much I appreciaite that, because there have been so many people that will just listen to it and not say a word, so I am always wondering whether they like it or not... and its hard because I put so much work into it" Awww now come on, next time someone plays you their cd or some songs, if you like it, TELL THEM. Yeah that was my little lesson for the day....PLUS I learned that I want a guy that sings cuz Sex says most of the songs on his cd were written for his gf...I want that, then again..what girl doesnt? LOL Hey........If I am lucky I will get a guy that know who you are sexy! And yes I do listen to your stuff over and over too but i am not crazy....i just think its sexy as hell.....hehehehe

Grrrrrr If that doesnt turn you on then I dunno what is wrong with you, YOU CANT HAVE HIM THOUGH.. yet...Theres nothing wrong with staring and wishing

January 18 What are friends for?

Do you ever wonder what you have good friends for ...What is their purpose your life? Well....i sometimes did, and I figured it out today. They are there so they can wake my lazy ass up because I would have never made it to class if they didnt. while I wanted to strangle Kate this morning when she called at 7:30!!!!!!!! I realized once I finally got up at 8:15 that without her I would still be laying in bed, resetting my alarm for an hour later and missing class...AGAIN. Which would lead to my failure in neuroscience class AGAIN which would keep me from getting into med school, which would fuck up my future and my dreams of becoming a doctor and having ass loads of money, which would ruin my chances of ever owning a corvette.....SO THANKS KATE...this blog entry is decated to I hope you feel special. And yes I am being sincere...I LOVE YOU! Thanks for putting up with my lazy...non tae-bo doing ways...LOL



January 22

I have curtains!

Well I am proud of myself. I hung up my own curtains. Not only the curtains, but the curtain RODS too! YaY! I am not helpless after all. Of course I had Kate on the phone with me the whole time, we both had on our hands-free(she was ckeaning) and she walked me through the whole process..including an explanation of the difference between a phillips and a flat head screw driver(shuttup..why would I ever need to know that?!). Then she said she couldnt believe my parents bought me a drill because I am not "qualified" to have one of those, she tried to get me to wait until my parents came down next weekend because she was afriad I would hurt myself, LOL. Hey but I got it done didnt I? And they are straight! I kick ass...yup I am so proud of myself that I had to take pics...but my curtains are too short, LOL so dont laugh, they look totally ghetto right now...but hey, I had to put them up anyways till i get new ones to prove I could do it.


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