Thursday, March 18, 2010
absence makes the heart grow fonder... right?
I get writer's block when I can't finish something I start.
That, dear readers (are there still more than one of you?), is why I haven't put anything up here in a few days weeks almost a month.
It's not because I don't love you guys.
And it's certainly not because I've ran off and am having an affair with another set of blog readers who are cuter than ya'll.
Because ya'll are just the cutest bunch of blog readers out there, hands down.
It's because I started a letter to my boss when he left. My boss left.
When I try to put that information into my brain and hit the COMPUTE button, my brain returns the following error message: Does Not Compute
Even now.
His last day was February 26th and on that day I started a letter to him and I haven't been able to work on anything else since.
Not my blog, not my book, not even a decent letter to a friend.
It was just too hard the first few days. I was all DESPAIR and GLOOM! I opened the letter every few days and tried to work on it, but then it became a project and the over achiever in my was fighting with the part of me who tells me I should table a little of the Girly Feelings parts and I just threw my hands up in the air and worked on other stuff because when Over Achiever and Girly Feelings start fighting, I have to step away.
So since then, I've been occupying myself with some other stuff.
In no particular order:
I've been gardening. WHAT? I know right! I betcha if we scrolled back through this website to all the springs I've ever loved before, we'd find that probably every year around this time I get bit by the Plant Stuff Now bug and the end result is a lot of wasted money and dead plants but I CAN'T HELP IT! I DON'T LEARN. This year I am all excited about the prospect of having fresh herbs. I'm not delusional enough to think I can bring fruits and vegetables to maturity yet given my clear black thumb but herbs? I'm just crazy enough to think I can pull of herbs! And oh what fun that would be since I decided to start actually cooking recently. It will be so fun at my dinner parties to be all, "yeah, I grew that rosemary myself. In my GARDEN! AND IT DIDN'T DIE!"
Which brings me to another thing I've been doing, throwing monthly dinner parties! This has turned into one of my most favorite things and if you have a group of people in your life that live fairly close, I seriously recommend it. I'm doing mine the last Saturday of every month. I send out my invited via facebook using the events app. I started it in January as a way to get together with my girlfriends. It just seemed so ridiculous that I never saw any of them and we all live just a few miles away from each other. I don't want to look back and say, "we were all too busy." I want to look back and say, "I made an effort." And really, not that hard to pull off. Thus far, I've been doing pasta dishes and pretty easy desserts and a plethora of booze and it probably runs me about fifty bucks but I'll take it! Fifty bucks to be able to spend a few hours with my bestest local friends? Totally worth it.
And speaking of friends, I think I've made some new ones. You know the little neighbor boy who lives one road over? Well his mom invited me over for coffee with her and her partner and coffee lasted over three hours! We had such a nice time sitting outside chatting away this past Sunday. I really like the both of them and they live super close by which is nice. We are going over tonight to hang out and chat and I think I am going to bake something to take over :-)
What else, what else?
Fairy is having a little boy! She had the ultrasound this past week and as much as she was willing that baby to be a girl, it's going to be a boy after all. I keep telling her I will take him and name him Jude and keep him because I've never had a boy. I don't think she is going to let me though. I'm still in the very early stages of planning that baby shower so any advice would be super appreciated.
Oh and there is a date in my future. My co-worker sold a house to a guy who has been asking him to set us up for like three or four months and finally wore me down :-) So sometime in the next few weeks we are all going to go out to dinner. A date. Holy cow.
Ok, I have to get to work but I love you my pretties and I will update more soon. I'm just going to push right through this writer's block and MAKE it go away.

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