Monday, March 20, 2006
weekend: over
I believe it is possible to find complete serenity as long as you are wearing comfy pajamas and it is raining outside.
That was my Sunday... but I am getting ahead of myself.

Friday night, I went to bed around midnight after watching WAY too many episodes of
Little People, Big World and Trading Spaces and What Not To Wear. Apparently The Learning Channel is like crack. Who knew?

So, Saturday morning, I am snuggled up with my Trin who for some reason like to get in bed with me veeeeery early on Saturday mornings.
And only on Saturday mornings.
She is great to sleep with though because she is a true snuggler. She isn't a flailer like her sisters. They start off by snuggling but as soon as you are asleep, they have their elbow jammed into your ear and legs across your neck. You can try and move them back over to the other side of the bed, which is like making similar ends of a magnet physically touch, but as soon you nod back off, they throw their legs right back over your neck. But, not Trin. Trin is a true snuggler. She just spoons right up next to you and stays there. She's like a jumbo teddy bear. I like it when she gets in bed with me. That is, until about 7:30 when she wakes up and sits on my chest and kisses me and pries my eyelids open saying "Momma?? Lake up Momma." Because she says "lake" not "wake" which is cute at any other time of day that isn't 7:30am.
But, this Saturday, Trin didn't get to wake me up because my cell phone rang at like 7:18. At first I thought it was my own fault since I have my backup alarms set through my cell but when I saw the clock I knew it was an actual call since the alarms aren't set until like 8:20.
It was The Cake Lady, who happens to be one of like seven people I won't physically maim for calling me before 8:00am on a Saturday. She had something come up and needed me to keep her two older kids while she worked. I told her no problem and got up. You see, dear readers, there are certain people in your life who you will get out of bed on a Saturday before 7:30 in the morning for. Why? Because they are true friends, the kind you who would do anything they asked of you to do in return without question. The Cake Lady is one of those people.
So, I stumble, pajama clad, to the kitchen where I wash out the coffee pot and fill the reservoir with water, all twelve cups worth. Then, over to my coffee area where I have all the teas and coffees and mugs and anything else even slightly coffee related to find *gasp* that I am out of coffee! How the fuck did that happen?
I almost cried.
One cannot be up at seven anything on a Saturday without coffee! It's against the law. Isn't it? Well, it should be.
So, I am standing there in my pajama pants and my t-shirt holding two empty containers of Folgers, wondering why the hell I keep empty containers of coffee anyway, trying to configure in my sleepy mind what to do. I live in BFE, so no Starbucks or even grocery stores.
Then, I remember, I had just bought a bottle of
Fahrenheit pills. Which, I am 99.9% sure have some decent caffiene in them. They are in my purse, in my car. So, I throw on some tennis shoes and open my door. And do you know what I see? That the diesel mechanic shop next door is already open and that one of my landlord's employees is already working on some ginormous truck. Not even considering my appearance, I walk over to my car. As soon as the door is open, the guy says something to me. I didn't hear him so I said "excuse me?" and he says "the reggae music isn't bothering you is it?"
I'm sorry buddy, but Shakira is. not. reggae.
I said nope and grabbed two of the red pills with the giant "F" on them and went back inside. Popped the two pills with a huge glass of water and then went to talk to the girls and check my email.
Exactly fifteen minutes later I am bouncing off of the fucking walls.
I took Amanda and Emilee and dropped them off at softball practice and then hooked TCL's kids up with some dvds and went to work on my house. I did all of the dishes, all of the laundry, vacuumed the girls room, I cometed everything; sink, stove, counters, microwave, bathroom. Then I windexed everything I had cometed. I made lunch, cleaned up from lunch, made dinner, put all the laundry away, painted some in the bathroom.
It was insane.
Even when I was sick of cleaning I couldn't stop.
I could see my reflection in everything.
When the day was over and I went to bed, I thought that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to sleep, but I zonked right out.
Sunday morning I woke up still strung out. It was like the red pills were still going under the surface. I got up and did all of Ruthie's laundry and cleaned my room.
I cooked a ton of food but didn't eat hardly any of it, did all the dishes through out the day. I really wanted to mop but it was raining a little out side and I can't mop if I know the floors will be muddy the next day.
I even got the girls clothes ready for today, including their gymnastics leotards.
By about four, there wasn't anything left to do. And this some how made me sad. All this energy in my body was saying find something else to clean Kate, there has to be something... let's reorganize your closets... So, completely comfy in my pajama pants and a t-shirt, I hit the sofa willing my body to just be still for a little while.
And it was awesome.
My whole place was clean, clean, clean (Grey's Anatomy anyone?) and it was softly raining outside and my couch was super comfy.

What about ya'll? Weekend update?
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