Thursday, April 27, 2006
Date: recap
Ok, let's see... where to start?
Medic and I were meeting at Starbucks at seven. He had told me during the first phone call that he is generally fifteen minutes late, all the time. So, I was expecting that he would be on time since this was the first time we were getting together.
Which of course meant I intended to be about ten minutes early.
So, I was surprised when my phone rang while I was still about five minutes away and it was him.
Asking me what I wanted to drink so he could go ahead and order it.
I told him I was surprised he had beat me there since he said he was terminally late.
He said he hadn't been able to help it since he had spent the majority of the day looking forward to seeing me.
Ok now people, you know when you play a video game [think video games from the nineties since I haven't really played since Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog] and you are running around getting coins? You know that sound that the game makes when you get a coin? Ok, now when ever you read something like the above sentence, I want you to think about that coin sound.
So, I have to admit, a little nervous.
I get there and he walks over with this huge smile and says hello.
We go into Starbucks and order drinks and then go outside to sit and talk.
This is right about seven o'clock.
I took his picture and we talked about cameras for a few minutes.
He complimented my jewelry.
Then there was much talking about our kids and all the cute shit that kids do.
Onto where he had lived in all of his moving around.
Then, as Texans tend to do, we talk about weather.
He tried to figure out what kind of flowers I liked.
Then, onto him:
He was a professional firefighter for five years and then has been a medic in the army for ten, he is right now a sergeant. He positively adores what he does and talks about it like I would talk about my kids or this blog; with total pride and enjoyment.
He has done three tours over seas, two of which were in Iraq. He has a Purple Heart (or did he say two? can you even get two?) from one (or both) of the two injuries he sustained while there.
There were many stories here that had my respect for this guy just climbing.
He was in a heliopter crash.
Did we really talk about tongue piercings? And then tattoos, he's sportin' an eagle on his left arm. And while we are talking about arms, he has very nice arms.
And I like nice arms.
Then about how my kids are sick...
Oh and in case you are wondering, the reason I can remember all of this is because I recorded the entire conversation.
Stalkerish? Maybe.
Or maybe I am just a devoted blogger and it was like journalistic.
I am suffering for it though because I just realized I sound very blonde.
Moving on-
More parenting talk...
Then talked about our parents.
He's birthday is September second, which makes him a Virgo for those of you into those things.
Then he asked me about what I want to do in regards to going back to school, etc.
Then we talked about my writing and the fact that aspire to actually have something I've written be in a real life book store.
Then, the blog.
Which I didn't give him but did tell him about.
Then authors. He is very into Stephen King and Anne Rice.
Then my abnormal fear of horror flicks which he actually loves.
Then gadgets.
My ability to program pretty much anything but the fact that I sadly can't hook my satellite up to my TV.

Star Wars?
*rewinds recorder*
Uhm, yeah, we actually talked about Star Wars.
Onto criminal records, or lack thereof... Actually he asked me if I had ever been arrested.
Which I haven't, for those wondering.
Ok, I had an MIP when I was like fourteen. But that was later removed on account of a lack of evidence.
So there.
Ok, now right about here, this guy sits down behind Medic at the table next to ours. I noticed that he sat down but was listening to Medic tell a story. But, then I can't help but notice that this guy is totally staring at me. I glanced at him and he totally does the smile/wink.
I'm like, seriously? I mean, I am sitting there with a guy and this other guy is actually trying to start something with me.
This made the next fifteen minutes or so very strange because I was trying very hard to ignore the guy sitting behind Medic and he was trying to make eye contact.
Then guns.
Yeah, guns.
Truthfully, I had been thinking about learning to shoot a gun for the better part of the last year. He wants to take me to a shooting range.
Then, kids and guns (safety, not like shooting kids, lol).
Then, driving.
And then cars.
Cars took up a lot of time since he is a certified mechanic and I sell cars. So there was cars we like, cars we've had, cars we've fucked up, cars we've bought.

Now according to the time on the recorder, this is an hour in.
I have to mention that this guy has amazing eyes. And once the sun was setting, he took his glasses off and I had a hard time making eye contact. In fact, I kept my glasses on in the hopes that he couldn't see me that well.
Kids pictures were next.
Which of course led to more kid talk.
He likes to scuba dive. When I asked him about hobbies, that was the first one.
I was smoking a lot. I probably killed a half a pack of cigarettes.
I smoke a lot when I am nervous.

Ok, I have to start just summing this up because the recorder does two hours and I have a bunch of work to do.
He kissed me and he kisses very well.
He told me how pretty I was and how much he liked me based on the amount of getting to know each other we had actually acomplished. And how he definitely wants to see me again.
There was some more kissing in the parking lot.
But, I went home, alone, at 10:20pm.
With a big ol' smile on my face.

Is this going to go anywhere?

I can't say yet. I haven't really made up my mind as to whether I could pursue anything serious yet. Which I don't think you should after only a few hours on the phone and one date.
But the physical attraction is very much so there.
And if it weren't for the fact that he said he is looking for more, I would have zero problems with a physical only relationship with this guy.
It's just a matter of seeing if we connect on more levels than just Initial and Physical.

Ok, recap done.
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