Tuesday, December 02, 2008
On feeling uninspired...
Yeah I am so totally "eh"- I am neither inspired nor enthused.
I feel crowded.
And being crowded makes me so very cranky.
And if I feel crowded at home, then I feel even more crowded at work.
I need like a week off somewhere remote without people to bother me. I need to be alone. I need to have time with my brain and thoughts and ideas without other people in my space. Without distractions.
How much does that cost?

In other news, we had such a great Thanksgiving. I got to spend the whole day with The Cake Lady which is sooooo nice since we hardly get to see each other anymore. Add to that the fact that peeling potatoes was the extent of my laboring on Turkey Day and I am a pretty happy camper :) I drank a bunch of Butterbeer and took a bunch of pics with my new camera (which is ridiculously rad in case you were wondering). The Cake Lady was super nice and explained what a bunch of the buttons are on my new Nikon so I feel a little more informed now. I mean, how the heck is a girl to know what ISO setting she wants when she doesn't even effing know what an ISO is?

Pics are, as they have always been, here.
In case more than one browser window seems like it could just be too much for you today, I'll show you a few of my favorites. You know, because I'm cool like that :)

Here is Trin & Evan. This was the third or fourth shot I had taken of them in a row and Evan picked up that peice of cheese and held it up saying "cheese" when I shot it. Too adorable.

I think if you are very very nice to The Cake Lady (or have been friends with her for like ten years) or if you give her like two point five million dollars (picture me holding my pinky up to my mouth and saying that in my best Dr. Evil voice), she might make you these scones. These cranberry orange scones. These scones that are so freaking amazing you could have a gallon sized bag full of them, stuffed full of them and you still won't share not even one.

My brother has this weird thing about him where whenever you try to take his picture, he puts on some retarded face. This happens in every. picture. I. take. of. him. We are having a study conducted by many medical professionals.

I love the looks on their faces. Emilee looks like she is all No, I'm not taking his money.... And Craig looks like he is all, help, she is taking all of my money.

I swear this picture wasn't staged. Evan threw a toy up on the roof and The Cake Lady's husband had Craig grab the ladder to get it down. And then all the kids decided to dangerously take the ladder back to the shed. I just happened to have my camera when it all happened. That's all.
Blue Jeans - 6
Khakis - 2
Nov 27th 057

My lovely little sister came down for Turkey Day and hung out. She was thoroughly enamored with my new camera and absconded with it several times when she went to visit friends. Here she is with Trin Trin.
Trin & Ruthie

Fairy has a similar affliction as my brother. Only instead of busting out her best Zoolander face like my brother does, she just covers her face and runs away. She loathes and abhors having her picture taken. It took much threatening and bribing to get her to hold still for this shot of her and her son.

I know ya'll must be getting tired of these pictures of my baby cockatiels. But I can't help it. I am grotesquely fascinated with them. They are so hideous and yet so raw. They are little birdies, you know? Usually you don't get to see them so young and as gross as it is, I am enthralled. Here is Woodstock. He is about two weeks old...

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, for the first time in my parenting career, I actually got the Christmas tree and decorations out. For the first time since becoming a Mommy, I didn't wait until rightbeforeChristmas to let the girls put the decorations. The girls did pretty much all of it which allowed me to take pictures of the whole ordeal.

Em & Chicita

ornaments of Christmas past


Getting into the spirit

no flash

And finally, this cool pic of Trin :)
Hiding in that hat

Which was retouched by the amazing DB.

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