Thursday, January 29, 2009
A new era...
Most of you know I feel pretty strongly about doing the right thing. I feel compelled to do as much as possible in as many ways as possible to do what is good and right. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass and sometimes it's this wonderful and amazing thing. But regardless of what it is or who it is for, I feel pulled towards helping or doing what I feel is right no matter how much time I have or how hard it is or who it is for.

Add to that the fact that I truly believe we are in a time of change right now. It is almost as though I feel like my generation is stepping into the spotlight and we are all looking around at each other going, "Holy shit, we're supposed to be taking care of the planet and the people?" And more than I have ever before, I feel compelled to make use of that time. What am I doing? What legacy will I be leaving my kids. Why will it matter that I was here?

I can no longer blame my age, my time, my situation - my anything - for my actions. I am wholly and completely responsible for what I do and how I contribute to my world.

"Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein."----H. Jackson Brown

So what is it that I feel drawn to? The Environment is a huge thing for me. Every single day I fight for that just by going to work and being that voice in my office. I find that when I am going to buy things now, I purposefully look for the recycled or environmentally friendly version of whatever it is that I am buying and when it isn't freakin' outrageously priced, I purchase it. I compost at home with my earthworm farm and while I realize that having an earthworm farm in your kitchen isn't ideal for everyone, I always encourage as much as someone will listen the benefits of it. The Environment is important to me and when I do something unfriendly towards it, it eats at me and I hope that I am passing that on to my children.

I also feel very strongly about children. I mentioned on here a few months ago that I intend to start fostering. At the time I wrote that post, I had no idea what all was entailed. I had no idea the amount of hoops one has to jump through in order to become a foster parent and I can tell you it is a process but I do hope to start the fostering classes in just a few weeks! And I am so very, very excited about it. And I implore you to look at your household and see if there is room for just one more person. And if there is, at least look into it because there is nothing you could ever do in this life that is more important than being that person for someone else.

The third thing that I feel very strongly about is teen mothers. Having been a teen mother myself and having had really no support, no one in my corner that was rooting for me to win, I know how hard it is. And I also know how rewarding it is to come out of the other side having succeeded. I would like to, at some point in the future, be able to set up a foundation or website or a center or something to help teen mothers. It's one of my most auspicious goals and one I truly hope to accomplish.

Now why in the world am I telling you all about this? Because February tenth is right around the corner. And on February the tenth, I will be telling you, again, what I am doing to help, what I am doing to try and improve this planet and lives of the people on it. That is twelve days from now which I hope is plenty of time for you to do a little soul searching and be ready to announce on your blog, your myspace page, your facebook or whatever means it is that you use to communicate with the cyber world and to your friends and family what it is that you are doing to help, to contribute, to attempt with all of your heart to make this world a better place.

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