Thursday, May 18, 2006
Dear Emilee,
Today you are turning eight years old.
That means for eight years now you have been bringing The Light into my life. You have made me smile and laugh more times than I could ever possibly count.
bring on the rain
You have this sweetness that comes so unbelievably naturally to you.
I have only had the pleasure of meeting a few people in my life who possess this happiness that you possess and I am so lucky to have known any of them. But, to be your mother... to have my daughter be this person of Light is so very wonderful.
People I have never met before will come up to me and talk to me about you. They will tell me how wonderful you are because you have this ability to affect all who meet you and I think this is because you have such a good heart.
Work it girlfriend.
This last year with you has been such an interesting thing to watch. You've lost like five teeth in the last few months alone. They just keep popping out. And the fact that you wanted the Tooth Fairy to prove she was real just cracked me up. Especially the next morning when you were covered in her fairy dust.
You may not believe this since you are frequently afraid to sleep with out your night light or be near the window when it is dark outside or be scared after a bad dream, but you are one of the bravest people I have ever known. The fact that you are never afraid to ask the umpire at a softball game to explain to you what is going on or be nice to some kid you have never met before or try every new thing that falls into your path. You never limit yourself and that is so very brave.
One of the things you wanted to do this year was start stopping at the little convenience store on the corner and go in to buy candy or ice cream or a hundred other sugar laden things that you knew I would never buy. You took your tooth fairy money or the money your grandmother and grandfather gave you and you went in, alone. The very first time you did this, I sat out in the car and watched you through the glass. I was so nervous and just sat there biting my nails. I wanted to go in there and help you pick out what you could afford and take you up to the counter myself. But, you added everything up yourself and didn't overspend and came out with this self satisfied smile on your face, so proud of what you had just done. You explained to me afterwards about how you had even added the tax! I was so proud of you, so proud of your courage and your ability to just forge ahead, no matter what. You have such an incredible amount of independence for someone who rarely wants to be or do anything alone. You love to have people to play with or talk to.
she thinks she's a boy
You have such an amazing ability to hold knowledge. I think if everyone's brain were a sponge that your sponge must be bigger and would never ever be full. You ask so many questions, always wanting to know how things work and why and then you remember all of this afterwards.
And you are such a good sister. You love your sisters so much and aren't afraid to show them. I have seen you so many times get down on the floor and pretend to be a kitty so Trin will follow you to the bath.
Emo and Trin
Or give half of your candy to Amanda even though she has already finished hers. You are so loving to them and I know that right now it is hard to realize that they appreciate you but I promise you that one day, you will know.
Your sense of humor is so innocent and playful and loving. When you come home and tell me the little cheesy jokes you heard in school that day. The best was when you came in a few weeks ago and started to pull the "crank call" jokes on me that I did when I was a kid...
"Mommy, is your refrigerator running?"
And when I told you that I had done those same jokes when I was a kid and you were shocked. As though I am sooooo old.
Emilee and her shrimp
You are such a giving person... So often you will come to me and want to help or do something just to surprise me and I appreciate you for that so much. You are an amazing kid with this wonderful heart and I am so lucky that I can, every day, tell people that you are my daughter.
the video game system

You have a good soul Emilee. And you make me so proud every day just by being you and being my daughter. I couldn't be happier to have you in my life.

I love you so much!

painted face

Happy Birthday Baby,

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