Monday, May 22, 2006
Hola party people.
Ok yeah, too much for a Monday morning huh? Sorry.
Anyway, I just wanted to mention a couple of things before I get off of this thang. The first of which is the Mobile Blog I have set up on account of the feet pics my brother keeps mocking me with sending me. I figured I would cut out the middle man and just have it set up to where he can post them directly to the net.
So, click here for Views with feet... And should you happen to take any pics with your feet in 'em like my little brother, please email them to me so I can post them on there.
Come on people, you know you wanna show me and the rest of the world your tootsies.

Ok, so anyway this is going to have to be short because today is going to be insane for me. I think that there are only two of us working (you'd think I would know since I do the schedule) and I am out at three.
Why am I out at three?
Well that would be because I am doing something absolutely insane (or stupid, depending on how full you view the cup and all) tonight with Fairy. Ok, ew. Not that kind of insane.
Fairy and I are going speed dating. Well, actually, they call it "predating" now in a very stewardess/flight attendant kind of way. Basically it's like a dozen dudes and a dozen chics and we get to talk to each other for six minutes each. After we talk to them we check yes or no, literally, on a little score card and then talk to the next person. At the end of the night, everyone turns their score cards in and leaves. With in twenty four hours you get notified of who you "matched" with based on you both checking yes.
Yup, I really have sunk this low people.
Don't cry for me.
No, seriously, back in the day when I was writing for a dating/relationship website, I had asked Fairy if she would go with me because I wanted to do an article on it. I believe her exact response at the time was. "Hahahahahahahahahah... no - no, wait I - hahahahahahaha..." Yeah, or something like that. Anyway, she called me last week and seeing as she has been single for... well, I don't think I am legally or ethically allowed to tell you how long. It's like asking a chic her age. You just don't ask a chic how long she's been single. If you do, she has the right to either strangle you with her bare hands or start sobbing hysterically expecting you to listen to her ask you why no one loves her for the next two hours.
And no one wants that right?
So, "pre-dating" it is.
Now here's the plan my people. I am running into WalMart to buy some batteries for the digital recorder I've use both here and here and a little insignificant purse to put it in. You know, something too small to put on the floor and not too big to be weird on the table... my intention is to record the entire thing. Time permitting of course because I think that the recording device cuts off at like an hour and half... anyway, I will record as much as possible. What I would give for the ability to pause time and make notes during this. I really do think it will be wonderful material for you all.
If it all works out the way my evil plan says it can.
Now, don't be getting your hopes up dear readers because I don't want you to be all pissy if they don't let me put my purse on the table and the actual post is all like:
So, I went speed dating last night and it blew... moving on.
Afterwards, Fairy and I are planning to meet up with
The Bachelor for drinks and as much fun as you can have on a Monday night after speed dating.
I will be accepting predictions and would love to know if any of you have been before.

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