Thursday, May 25, 2006
Thursday Thoughts
I know, no post for a few days... I've seen ya'll checking back to see if I have word vomited all over the screen yet.
I have just been so very very tired. It's like all of the running around for months caught up to me. I actually went home Tuesday and napped! And I was in bed by ten last night. Very unlike me. I am also trying to stock pile some energy before this weekend too. I have to get my place under control by this weekend and keep it as such through next week because Thursday I am leaving for Dallas. I will be gone for four days (don't worry, I will try to blog! And if I can't, I will be blogging on my Tungsten and uploading later) starting the last day of school.
But the main reason I haven't blogged is because I have been distracted by a conversation that is happening on my single parents message board. Several of you know which one I am talking about since you post there but for those of you who don't, let me summarize.
One of the posters asked us what advice we would give to a woman who was considering being artificially inseminated by her gay friend. She is forty five and has no children and no prospect of a marriage. So basically she would be embarking upon motherhood alone and wanted to have some idea of how this would change her life.
This led into an entire discussion about whether she should even be having the child alone and to be honest with you, dear reader, there were several answers that ruffled my feathers.
Now you guys know from reading LOC that I am not conservative by any means and I very rarely follow The Rules. I don't believe you have to be married to have sex never mind to have children. I don't think that a married household is always better than a single parent household. But I do believe that the biggest misconception out there right now is that single parents are not as good as married parents. I would challenge ANY married household to my own. Any.
I am a good mother. Every single decision I make is for what is best for my children. Including the decision to not be with their fathers. If you would like to condemn me for having three children out of wedlock and therefore depriving them of the "stable life" that they should have received, that is your prerogative.
But don't fucking stand there and say that you are better than me because you were married when you had your kids. There aren't separate categories here people. You are either married or single, you can't subcategorize it. I would sure love to know where these people are buying their high horses because I would love to bomb the farm.
But more importantly, how can you sit back and look at your child and have those feelings, those warm-and-fuzzy-oh-my-god-I-am-so-lucky-to-be-a-mom feelings and then tell someone else they don't deserve them because they aren't following your fucked up Rule Book of needing marriage first?

You can never be ready for parenthood. Never.
You can read every book ever written on the subject, you can buy all of the latest and best gadgets, you can cut your husband out of a Perfect Man Catalog.
But when your baby is born and you hold them in your arms for the very first time, that is when you become a mother, that is when your world changes.

Anyway, I want to know what ya'll think and give those of you who have already addressed this on the board a chance to vent or whatever here.
And I will post more in the comments but I have to work :(
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