Monday, July 31, 2006
whew, that was a helluva ride
So, I think I can see some slowing down in my future.
And I am fucking excited about it...

Ok, first of all, got home from the beach Sunday afternoon totally pooped, mildly sunburnt and completely happy. I spent the entire weekend vacationing. Not freaking out about not having a car or work or being online - nadda.
Tuxbaby even broke out her laptop and WIFI connection and offered to share and I declined.
Although, it might have been the wine and sun because all I kept thinking was how funny it was that my blog was just floating around in the room waiting to be grabbed by her laptop. I sat outside and had a little giggle over that.
I thought briefly about sharing my thoughts with the other ladies but I was pretty sure that they would confiscate my bottle of wine. And we can't have that ;)

The trip was so very very awesome.
Tuxbaby and Babs were wonderful to hang out with, as always and it was great being able to meet their kids finally. The weather was beyond great and the rain everyone was trying to warn us about never even tried to show it's face. Our hotel wasn't the Hilton but we practically had the pool to ourselves the entire time we were there and the people who own it are so very nice.
I made shrimp alfredo Thursday night for dinner which would have been a LOT better if I hadn't had to pop the heads off the shrimp before cooking it. THAT was fucking gross. But the food was good and the company was stellar.
Saturday evening, I took the girls out and we had greasy hamburgers and greasy french fries at the best little outdoor place called Sandy's Surf Shack. The girls and I had such a nice time talking and eating and mingling with the owners who happened to be sitting behind us.
Afterwards, we had HUGE amounts of ice cream and then went shopping.
Shopping blows when Trin is there because of that whole "you break it, you buy it" rule so I didn't really get to buy anything fun for me, but the girls all got shirts. In the stores there you can buy a plain shirt and they will put a decal on it for free. They all picked a fun decal for the front and then a decal for the back with the name of the town on it.
Checked out before lunch and made reservations for next year (who's game?? Email me) then hit the road heading home.
The girls crashed out and left me alone with my thoughts and the closer I got to San Antonio, the more I started to let reality take my brain. I knew I needed to make a decision on a car AND fast. I am paying for the rental right now and I need to give it back so I don't spend a buttload of money on it.
I decided if I hadn't heard from one of the many people I emailed before I left (and who The Cake Lady and Jiffinner emailed while I was gone) about a Freestyle, I was going to get in touch with the guy I bought the Focus from and ask what he could do for my price.
Turns out that this is what he could do:

Yeah, looks like it could bite you doesn't it??
Well, don't be fooled.
It's a minivan.
A BEIGE minivan.
Note: the dark clouds hovering over the *dun dun duuuuun* minivan.
I'm going to drive by people and they won't even see me.
They'll be all like, "was that a car? Nah... Must have been a tree or something..."
Plus, I've lost the right to laugh at people.
You can't laugh at people when you are driving a beige minivan.

I think I offended the Ford God when I was ripping on the Taurus and all of it's beigey goodness. He got together with some of the other Car Gods and decided that just this one time they should really teach me. Teach me that Taurus' are cool.
And beige, yeah, it's cool too.
And just so I can learn that lesson and WELL, I should be driving not just a beige vehicle but a beige minivan.
A 2006
Oooooh, you're good Car Gods.
A beige 2006 Pontiac Montana to be exact.

The girls are happy about this:

The Mommy is happy about this:
Ahh, the storage capabilities!

The Mommy is confused about these though... not sure what they are or what they are for...

But there will be plenty of time to learn since this baby is mine.
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